Flying – Is Reclining Your Seat Bad Manners?


Do you recline your seat?┬áIs reclining a right that comes with your ticket? The line is clearly divided between two camps. There are those who firmly believe that reclining is a right that comes with your flight ticket but there are those (myself … [Continue reading]

Snomie Launch Starts… NOW!


We're happy to announce that we're officially launching and today! What you can look forward to: 5-7 updates per week on this blog. Our updates will include: tips & how-to's, product reviews, snow related … [Continue reading]

Most Snowboard Trick Tips Suck & What Really Works

Snowboarder falling

We've all seen them, every snowboard/ski magazine loves having that section devoted to telling you "How to spin backside 720s" or "How to frontside 360". I hate most trick tips. They seem as if they were written just to trick people into thinking … [Continue reading]

My Story – From Beginner to 75 ft Jumps and Double Cork 10s


You knew it was coming, here's my journey from falling on my face on green runs to trying double cork 1080s and hitting 75 ft jumps... and some of the insanity in between. 1) Life is Boring I was 18, in University, and on the path to finishing my … [Continue reading]

TripIt – How to Save Time & Organise Your Trip Planning

trip it flight details screenshot

I hate things that are way harder than they need to be. You should know that if you've read my previous post on The Biggest Thing Wrong With Snow Travel. I love technology and I love things that make my life easier. I was amazed in NZ when my … [Continue reading]