Where To Look & Focus When Hitting Snowboard Jumps

Today's reader question: Where should I look and focus when trying to hit snowboard jumps? I'm doing straight airs (no spin) and I'm not sure where I should be focusing and looking while I hit the jump. Okay for straight airs it's relatively … [Continue reading]

What’s The Best Snowboard Base – Sintered Vs Extruded Bases

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around snowboard bases and which base does what, so let's clear it up: The breakdown: 1) Sintered snowboard base Unlike what some people may say, most sintered bases are actually more durable than … [Continue reading]

Can You ‘Sell Out’ In Snowboarding?

I'm of two minds here. Can you sell out? Sure. Is making money selling out? No. My take: The breakdown: 1) Why make crummy products/services when you can make high quality products AND make money? I don't have a problem with people making … [Continue reading]

Snowboard Turning Tips – Why You’re Fighting Your Own Turn

Today's lesson: The breakdown: 1) Most snowboarders struggle with turning for 1 big reason When I look at most snowboarders, their big problem is alignment. Their body isn't lined up to make the turn properly and they aren't using their … [Continue reading]

What Happens When Misinformed Snowboarders Meet The Internet

So very stupid...

I may have to start a new segment on Snomie just to post some of the hilariousness that I run into trying to help people with snowboard questions. For future reference, yahoo answers and ask.com is not where you look to find the average income of … [Continue reading]

How Long More Will You Be Able To Snowboard?

(edit - by the way, for those waiting for video 3 in our free snowboard freestyle trick tips, it's coming, I had to make some adjustments and re-do some bits that I wasn't happy with, but you'll have by tomorrow :)) Last year I was hanging with my … [Continue reading]

Do You Need A Twin Shaped Snowboard For Riding Switch?

Today's reader question: Do you need a twin shaped snowboard for riding switch? What about binding adjustments? Do you need to swap your bindings around or make any major adjustments to ride switch? The breakdown: 1) Do you need a twin shaped … [Continue reading]

Burton Free Full Length Movie Final Part – RESORT

Snomie New Members Area - Sneak Peek

Two things today: 1) Burton's free full length movie part 4 is out! Basically what I learnt from this movie is that Mark McMorris destroys any park he rides. The Shaun White cameo was a bit weird, but I suppose they have to squeeze him into every … [Continue reading]

How To Size & Fit Snowboard Boots Correctly

I got a few requests for snowboard boot fitting tutorials lately, so here's a quick video on the topic. I do intend to make a far more in-depth boot buying tutorial video at some point too, this is just a quickie on boot fitting: ps - a lot … [Continue reading]

How Long Does It Take For Snowboard Freestyle To ‘Click’?

Today's reader question: How long does it take to feel natural with learning snowboard freestyle? Everything feels so awkward and hard right now. How long does it take to become like those locals who seem so natural doing everything? The … [Continue reading]