When Is The Best Time To Book Flight Tickets For A Snowboard Trip?

Hey Snomie and Snowboard Shred School readers, I've got a small break between answering emails and creating the upcoming Snomie.com free snowboard shred school site, so I thought I'd tackle a quick non-snowboard (but still useful) travel … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday To Me (plus a small request)

If I've ever helped you with your snowboarding, leave a testimonial here: Click here to leave a testimonial Now go make 2014 the year you experience life and finally make some steps towards the life you want instead of just sitting on the … [Continue reading]

The Better Way To Learn Snowboarding

Snowboard Shred School

The Snomie website as you know it will be changing. Don't panic, you'll still be able to come to Snomie.com and get snowboard tips, videos and blogs, but I'm changing the entire site around. A couple months ago I said I wanted to change from our … [Continue reading]

Behind The Scenes – Trying Reader Suggested Sore Throat Remedies

So I said the blogs on Snomie now will either be epic, detailed snowboard guides/tips, or real life content showing a bit of the behind the scenes personality and going-ons at Snomie. This is the latter. The Problem: I caught a cold and sore throat … [Continue reading]

Why I’m Quitting Daily Snowboard Blogging

Yep, you read that right... starting today, I'm quitting daily snowboard blogging. First, don't panic. Snomie is not going anywhere, but I'm making some huge changes to how I do things and how this blog is run. Why change Snomie? Well Snomie is … [Continue reading]