One Thing Snowboard Companies Should Add To Their Websites

Brannock Foot Measure Device

Every year I see all the snowboard companies update their websites and make them look all snazzy with interactive photos and videos, but I rarely see much change in actual useful information. I love beautiful websites as much as the next person, … [Continue reading]

5 Rookie Mistakes Every Freestyle Snowboarder Makes

5 Rookie Mistakes Freestyle Snowboarders Make

Just a quickie update for you guys today, our 2nd free snowboard freestyle lesson is going out tonight (once it finishes uploading). It's on '5 Rookie Mistakes Every Freestyle Snowboarder Makes' and it also covers a few myths and lies that … [Continue reading]

Nike’s ‘Never Not’ Part 2 – 48 min Free Snowboard Movie

Firstly, for those of you inside our free snowboard trick tip training, lesson 2 on '5 Rookie Mistakes That Freestyle Snowboarders Make' is going out tomorrow, so watch your inbox for that :) If you're not part of the training, you can join here … [Continue reading]

How To Build Confidence To Hit Your First Snowboard Jumps

Today's reader question: How do you get the confidence to hit your first snowboard jumps? So basically it goes back to safe progression, just like learning any snowboard skill: 1) Learn the individual skills on easier features The biggest … [Continue reading]

Do You NEED To Wax A Snowboard?

Today's reader question: Do you need to wax or a snowboard? Or can I not wax at all and be okay? So basically you'll be okay. I'd still suggest waxing if you have the time for it, but you don't *need* to wax if you don't need the extra … [Continue reading]

4 Free Snowboard Flatground Trick Tip Tutorials

Butter Trick Tip Lesson Example

Sorry for the missing blog yesterday, but I've been up for 24 hours trying to fix a website bug that stopped me uploading videos. Thankfully it's all fixed now and it means I can finally re-open our Snowboard Trick Secrets members area to new members … [Continue reading]

How To Land Backside 180 On A Snowboard

Today's question: I'm having problems with landing backside 180s. I over-rotate on landing and revert into a 360 on the ground. How do I fix this? So the landing basically comes down to these things: 1) You have to land 'blind' With any … [Continue reading]

How To Get Confident With Snowboard Backflips

Today's reader question: How do I get the confidence to do backflips on a snowboard? Basically confidence with backflips comes down to this: 1) Build aerial awareness (trampolines) Backflips are actually a relatively easy trick and I'd go as … [Continue reading]

When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Snowboard Gear?

Today's reader question: When is the right time to replace my gear? I've answered this before, but it seems to come up a lot, especially right now since it's just before the snowboard season starts, so here's my answer: So generally, this is … [Continue reading]

Burton’s Free Full Length Snowboard Movie (Part 3 – Women)

Heads up, Burton just released part 3 of their free full length snowboard movie. This part features their female riders: Regardless of whether it's guys or girls, you have to respect a lot of the snowboarding in the movie. Some of those girls … [Continue reading]