What’s Your Perfect Snowboard Life & How Will You Reach It?

I’ve always said that Whistler is kind of a magical place. You meet a lot of people. Many of which are people who absolutely love snowboarding and are having the time of their life.

Every snowboard bum who stays in Whistler long enough seems to end up with the same question:

“How can I turn this holiday into the rest of my life?”

It’s not hard to guess why snowboard bums want to know how they can snowboard every day in one of the best snow resorts in N. America… but what I find more interesting is the people who actually make it.

I’m talking about the guys who have found ways to build a life that lets them live in Whistler, not get paid minimum wage and still snowboard almost every day. Guys like my friend Nev (founder of SnowboardAddiction.com), who live on good incomes while getting to do what they love.

To a snowboard bum, that’s basically the dream – but very, very few of us ever reach that dream.

The difference between those who make it and those who don’t

A couple weeks ago, I was sitting on the chairlift with a friend and we started talking about life in Whistler.

He’s a personal trainer and snowboard coach, and he’s got that same dream of having the freedom to snowboard every day and just enjoy doing the things he loves to it’s fullest without worrying about how it’ll affect his next rent payment.

He tells me his goals. He tells me he wants to make a 6 figure income with his fitness company. He tells me his latest action plans to increase his income by $500 every month. He wants to grow and take over his specific fitness niche in Whistler.

His other friend, sitting next to us on the chairlift, hears his goals and laughs saying, “Good luck with that!”

At that moment, I saw an example of someone who’s going to reach the dream and someone who’s not.

Your dream isn’t going to magically happen

See on one hand, you have the average snowboard bum in Whistler. He snowboards and has fun and kind of drifts around without real goals or plans. Nothing wrong with that and if that’s all you want from life then that’s perfectly fine.

The average snowboard bum can still live a pretty happy life scraping by and enjoying their days on the ski slopes, but I’d be lying if I told you the snowboard bum budget of $5 for food every day doesn’t get old.

IF you want the epic dream life where you get the freedom to snowboard as much as you want and not work 50 hours a week at minimum wage while struggling to pay the bills, then you need to have real goals and plans on how to reach them.

That ideal life isn’t just going to magically happen out of thin air.

Dreams are called dreams because for most people it’s exactly that… a nice dream fantasy that won’t ever come true.

If you want to be one of the few who make it, you have to not only have the guts to go for it, but you need to make real goals and you need to work for it because I can guarantee you that it’s not going to go to plan.

Things rarely ever go according to plan. I bet my friend isn’t going to have smooth sailing. He’s not going to reach a 6 figure business in Whistler without a few things going wrong and without a lot of work.

It’s that burning desire to reach his goals that will see him through all the ups and downs and I’m willing to bet that he ends up making his dream a reality.

Just having a dream isn’t enough.

So here’s the question. What’s your perfect snowboard life and how do you plan to make it a reality?

You can either be like everyone else and do ‘okay’, but to me life isn’t about being okay. That’s boring. To me, life is about having amazing dreams and making them a reality.

It’s about planning an epic life and having real goals and a setting a path that you can work towards.

To me, this is my perfect snowboard life:

  • It’s about being able to snowboard as much as I want.
  • It’s about being able to live in that ski in/ski out house instead of just riding past it.
  • It’s about eating out in Whistler and not worry about whether I can afford to buy a drink.
  • It’s about being able to plan an epic snowboard trip to Japan without worrying about the cost.
  • It’s about not having to fly 24 hours in economy class through 3 stopovers to save $100 on flight tickets.
  • It’s about being able to go for a casual bike ride around Whistler whenever I feel like it.
  • It’s about only using my alarm clock to catch fresh tracks on a powder day
  • It’s about having an 8 figure snowboard company that lets me change the way people learn snowboarding

I have plans and goals of how I’m going to reach every single thing on this list. I have 2 entire notebooks filled with mind maps, outlines and entire step-by-step things I have to do and goals I have to hit to reach my dreams.

My dreams aren’t going to happen just because I really want these things. Life doesn’t work that way because I’ve really wanted to win the lottery for years and that hasn’t happened.

If you have a dream, then your next step is to set goals and plan how to get there. Know what you want in life and plan how you’re going to accomplish it, then go work your butt off to do it.

Dreams stay as dreams unless you take action.

– Jed

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  1. True article. Enjoyed the read

  2. Damn straight.

    People telling you can’t do things or laughing when you mention specific goals should be the ultimate motivator.

  3. This friend of yours, what he is doing is my dream. To be a PT and snowboard instructor. For years I have done near to nothing about it (fear), but this year, im getting my qualifications! It doesn’t seem much to some people and Ive had a lot of negativity, but I know its a small step towards my dream, and that makes me so happy.

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