How To Progress Your Freestyle & Snowboard Anything On The Mountain

What’s in this video:

  • The big mistake with freestyle progression that most snowboarders make
  • How to be a balanced snowboarder that can ride everything on the mountain
  • How to use the entire mountain to train your freestyle progression evenly
  • The difference between focused snowboard practice and relying too much on one freestyle skill
  • Nev from Snowboard Addiction making a little cameo at the end

A lot of riders make the mistake of letting certain skills fall behind, so this week let’s talk about freestyle progression and how to become a versatile, well-rounded snowboarder that can ride everything on the mountain.

There’s a difference between being focused on learning a new skill, such as a backside 360, and starting to focus too much on that one skill until it gets too far ahead of your other skills, so let’s talk about some ways to avoid that as well.

I also ran into my friend, Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction while I was filming this, so he makes a little guest appearance throughout the video.

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– Jed

ps: I accidentally had the GoPro set on 1440p instead of 1080p, that’s why there are black bars on the sides. Also, the GoPro 3 Black review is coming, I’m just trying to find a Contour+2 to try get some side-by-side footage for the review.

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