How To Progress Your Snowboard Freestyle To Actually See Results

Today’s reader question:

How should I progress my snowboard jumping & jibbing? What’s the right order?

Basically when it comes to progressing your snowboarding here’s what I recommend and teach (it’s the same thing I teach inside our Snowboard Trick Secrets program, except I go more in depth inside our training):

1) Aim 1 step up

With tricks you always want to aim to move one step up from where you are, so that means if you’ve mastered small jumps, try a slightly bigger jump, or if you’ve mastered 180s, try a 360.

As long as you aren’t skipping steps in your progression (eg – learning small jumps then jumping to trying 360s on bigger jumps) you’re fine to pick and choose which path you want to take by moving one step up at a time.

You’ll find that with most snowboarding the next step up is pretty obvious whether it’s making the trick slightly more difficult (eg – 360s after 180s) or trying the trick on a more difficult feature (eg – going from a flat ride-on rail to a more difficult rail).

2) Stop trying to learn 500 skills/tricks at once

This is a huge, huge mistake people make and I’ve mentioned it many times before. Don’t try to learn to much at one time.

Focus down on just select skills and work on them until you master them, then move on to the next skill. You can also do this with individual tricks too by breaking them down into pieces (eg – for spinning you can work on carving, switch riding, spin initiation, pop etc).

For example here are some things I might do in the park on a typical progression day:

  • Just work on one trick all day
  • Pick 1 trick for each type of obstacle and just focus on them (eg – boardslide for rails, 540s for airs)
  • Pick a handful of tricks to focus on, but do intense blocks of really focusing down on just one of those tricks for a couple hours at a time

Don’t have snowboard A.D.D. and try to learn 50 different skills while constantly switching between different techniques before you properly learn and master one technique, that’s just going to slow you down and make you progress slower.

– Jed

ps – I go a lot more in depth into breaking down tricks and proper progression paths inside our members only tutorials. If you want to become a member, get on the waitlist here (we’re opening up sign ups again in under a week).

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  1. What are you doing in Korea Jed

  2. Hey Jed,
    It is a video of a rider and he is a pro actually but when i look at him i don’t see smooth style.Am I right?

    • Yeah honestly his riding is very messy. He might just be a low level pro or amateur rider who got picked up just by knowing the right people.

      A lot of people get entry level sponsorships just by knowing the right people.

      It doesn’t mean much though. All a low level sponsorship does is give you a free snowboard once a year and that’s it.

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