Why I’m Quitting Daily Snowboard Blogging

Yep, you read that right… starting today, I’m quitting daily snowboard blogging.

First, don’t panic. Snomie is not going anywhere, but I’m making some huge changes to how I do things and how this blog is run.

Why change Snomie?

Well Snomie is successful and it brings in a full time white collar income for me, not to mention our traffic is constantly rising each year. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect and it doesn’t mean that we’re doing things in a way that benefits the most people.

I started doing daily snowboard tips 2 and a half years ago and just kind of kept doing it because it was working. Our subscribers grew and traffic grew so I kept doing it.

However, if I could do it all over again, I think there are ways to improve on the format to make it more useful and make the quality of the blog better for other snowboarders while still getting the benefit of growth and subscribers.

I’m in a unique situation now where after working on Snomie for 2+ years, I have the time, money, skill and influence to make a difference and to have a positive impact on the snowboard community with what I create and do.

So why not make the best impact I can and help the most snowboarders possible with the most high quality content possible.

Now that said, I do know that a lot of you guys enjoy coming here daily/weekly to read a bunch of short, mini snowboard blogs, but I think our current method has a few issues.

The problems:

Problem 1) I’m repeating too much content

The problem with daily blogs of me answering snowboard questions is that the same questions get asked over and over and I’ve basically briefly covered every snowboard topic possible at some point in the past 2+ years.

It seems kind of silly to keep repeating the same topics without adding anything new and while our newer followers benefit from the topics, I’m sure my older readers get a little bored of reading the same answer over and over.

I don’t want to blog for the sake of blogging if I’ve already covered a topic 500 times already.

Problem 2) It’s hard to be detailed in short blogs

One huge issue I have with doing daily blogs is I don’t get the time required to make them epic and make them detailed tips on each subject.

Having to have the blog done within 1 day means I have to start and finish the blog within a few hours, otherwise I run out of time to get it posted and otherwise I don’t have time to get the other tasks at Snomie handled (such as answering snowboard questions via email, recording/editing trick tip videos etc).

And a huge side effect of that is sometimes short blogs end up being very generic snowboard guides that don’t offer as much value and teaching to other snowboarders as I’d like.

The last thing I want to do is become like ‘Snowboard Pro Camp’ or some other blogs/sites who I’ve seen pump out a lot of generic, low quality snowboard content just to get website hits/video views. It may work for views and traffic, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.

So here’s what’s changing:

Change 1) Less frequent, but more epic snowboard tutorials and guides

Instead of daily mini blogs, I’m going to make snowboard posts less frequently (maybe once every week or fortnight or less), but when I do make a post/update, it’ll be something epic that will be highly worth reading and learning.

This means if I write a tutorial on choosing snowboard boots, it’s going to be the most detailed guide to choosing snowboard boots that you’ll ever find and it’ll have video, illustrations and more.

Or if I choose to explain a snowboard technique, it’ll have step-by-step analysis and video break down of everything.

Basically instead of skimming over the daily Snomie blog and seeing if it’s something useful, I want you to see a new blog on Snomie and immediately think, “Awesome the new Snomie blog is out, I HAVE to read this because it’s going to be an epic guide that teaches me something big.”

I’m going to spend a lot of time carefully crafting, researching and breaking down each snowboard topic so that the final result is some of the most epic snowboard blogs, guides and tutorials that you’ve ever read.

Change 2) Real life mini vlogs

I’ll still do the occasional vlog and mini post, but they’ll become random and fun mini looks into what I’m up to and the adventures I’m having.

So for instance I might do a vlog when I’m eating snake flavoured ice cream in Japan or when I’m back in Whistler hiking for powder or even just mini showcases of the random places I’m staying (like I did with my Korean apartment tour).

Think of it like mini glimpses into my real life while I travel, snowboard and run an online snowboard company. It’ll be my way of staying connected and still being able to say hi once in awhile since I won’t be doing the daily snowboard blogs.

There won’t be any schedule for doing these vlogs, they’ll just kind of happen when I’m doing something interesting.

What’s not changing:

I’ll still answer your emails and snowboard questions, so don’t feel like I won’t be here to answer your questions because I still intend to keep that up.

You can still come say hi and I’ll still respond and still be part of the community. The difference will be that I may not make a public blog with the answer I give you, but you’ll still get my answer and help in private 🙂

So yeah.. big changes, but I think it’s for the better if I want to take Snomie to the next level and really focus on making the best quality content I can create.

– Jed

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  1. that’s a wise decision…

    keep on going jed…
    even once a week or once a month… you’ll still have a LOT of people that will follow you because of the way you do it…
    we will all be more than happy if the content gets get even more better …

  2. Sounds good to me man! I look forward to your epic snowboard tutorials and guides!

  3. I agree with you completely! Not that coming to this site every day is a hassle, cause it definitely isn’t, but having a condensed version instead of little tidbits of information would be awesome. It avoids people getting burned out and it also makes people want them more since it doesn’t come out as often. If its a daily thing it can become a chore or dull for some.

    • Yep, exactly, that’s the goal to make things awesome again so every time people come to the site they’ll know that they’re in for an in-depth kickbutt tutorial 🙂

  4. Jason Nelson says:

    Hey man I recently found out about your when I was randomly searching google for jobs that provides ultimate freedom which would allow me to ski all low day and make a good living.

    First and foremost I really don’t want to become a typical skier that’s enjoying what he’s doing but broke not able to eat and buy things I can do currently. When I was living back west I skied 70+ days a season but wasn’t making much money so I moved to the east for like 20k more but no skiing which is killing me.

    I consider myself a very advanced skier that enjoys dropping cliffs and lapping the park on icy days.

    Working this union job has me feeling like a complete robot and I’m on a quest for ultimate freedom, starting with learning html and css curently.

    I plan on moving back west to continue my quest on being able to ski and travel and actually not be broke in the process. Any tips would be great!

    • Hey Jason, honestly the common trend I’ve seen in everyone who’s able to get a ton of riding in while still earning a good income is they all have very portable jobs (many of which are computer related).

      I think you realized that already though, since you mentioned learning html and css. A lot of the programmers and web designers I’ve met in Whistler work remotely, which gives them a lot of freedom to work from home and ride all day and there is a lot of work available for good programmers.

      Also, the other jobs I see a lot are graphic designers who also work remotely and also small business owners like me who started a business of some sort and either automate a lot of it by hiring people or run it from home through a laptop (like what I do with Snomie).

      Besides that there are a ton of online methods to make money, such as affiliate marketing, but you do have to be quite good at that to make money in those areas. If you’re interested in that, there are plenty of good online blogs that teach online marketing, (such as glen over at viperchill.com).

      So yeah, there are a fair number of options these days, it just really depends on which you prefer and how much you want to work at it because it definitely takes some work before you see results and freedom (just like any job really, except you get a lot more freedom when things work out).

  5. Jed, I recently found out about this website, and I have to say, as a snowboarder who’s been going for three years, this has helped a lot! I usually only fit it in once a year, but I intend to get better at it and go a lot more now. I’m still really beginnerish, and seeing all of my friends take off down the hill without me has made me want to learn this right! They tell me to do something, but they don’t tell me HOW to do something. Now I can FINALLY start practicing toe side boarding. Thanks so much for keeping this up!

    • Awesome man, glad to have you as part of the Snomie readership 🙂 Let me know if you have any snowboard questions in the future (you can reach me via that contact button at the top of the site or via our fb or twitter), always happy to help.

  6. I just randomly stumbled upon your blogs and I think the changes you want to make are good, providing people with more in-depth information while the older blogs still stay available. Keep up the good work 🙂

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