Quitting School To Go Snowboarding – How Snomie.com Started

What’s in this video:

  • Why I quit university and moved to Whistler
  • Why I don’t want to be a pro snowboarder
  • How Snomie.com started and grew to the blog it is today

In this Snomie Mailbag I go into how Snomie.com started and how I ended up in Whistler snowboarding every day.

Note: While I did quit university, don’t take that to assume that I think everyone should immediately quit school and start a snowboard related company. This path worked for me and was right for my circumstances, but others may find university to be the right path for them (even if the education system is flawed).

Everyone has to make their own choices and everyone has different skills and abilities that they can use to pursue the life that make them happy.

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– Jed

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  1. Hey Jed, just wondering how you make any money. There aren’t any adds on this site. Great video!

    • The site gets a small bit of money from companies that I like and choose to partner with, but you’re right, there aren’t really any ads like you’d normally see on blogs.

      Honestly, we’d do reasonably well if I put proper ads on the site and pushed more snowboard gear, but I don’t want to spam my readers with ads just to make money, especially if it’s not something that I think will really help their snowboarding.

      There are some big things coming this month for Snomie.com though. I’m finishing up and releasing our online snowboard training programs within the next couple weeks, so our readers will be able to give back to the site then if they choose to join our program.

      • That’s great that you don’t have any adds, just shows the kind of person you are. I’ll defiantly join that program.

  2. hi jed,

    great video about where you came from, and what was the question you had to answer , in order to be where you are now.
    But ,there is something you are not answering in this video and that i was wandering since a long time.
    i read on your blog long time ago, that you are not making money out of snomies, no add, nothing to sell ( know that you are preparing the “begginer’s level video” but will you sell them as SA.? )
    so my question is : what do you do for living, what is your source of incomes ?
    i think you are a snowboard instructor, is that your main source of money, is that enough, to live, to pay your back and forth travel from australia to canada, and your day to day living on whisler…
    or do you do something else next to that ?
    thanks for your answer.


  3. hi again,

    sorry jed , didn’t see the previous question from Kaylam… which is nearly the same as mine, and so your answer…
    allthough your answer is not totally complete and got still no answer regarding the way you earn money since i follow you ( around 2, maybe 2 and half years. ) , as your “big things ” are still to come..
    ifthe question is too personnal, feel free to keep the secret so, of course .. 😉

    thanks again for what you do …


    • It’s no secret 😉 I think I actually answered that in the early days of Snomie somewhere (at least I think I did… all the blogs kind of blend together in my brain haha).

      I do online work on the side such as website setup and online marketing/affiliate marketing.

      • thanks jed… now I know.. 😉

        so no “real life” snowboarding teaching on the slopes of whisler ??? ( the opposite would be “behind the cam ” snowboarding teaching, and that i know that you are comingup with something… )

        • I actually did do some snowboard instructor type things in my first few seasons and honestly I credit that for giving me a useful understanding of snowboard mechanics.

          I don’t do that anymore though since the working hours and pay for a snowboard instructor aren’t as good as working my own hours from a computer.

  4. Yeah I would like to know where you get your money from as well.
    Do you instruct on the side, work part time in retail, bag groceries at a supermarket? Etc…?

    The Whistler life seems good but it is hard to understand how you do it.

    • Just answered this in comment above 🙂

      Honestly I think people complicate living in Whistler. It’s a ski resort, but really it’s just like living in any other city. Plenty of people working average jobs in Whistler and getting their riding in before/after work each day.

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