Would I Recommend The GoPro 3 Black To Other Snowboarders?

GoPro HD Hero 3

Today’s reader question:

I noticed you have a GoPro 3 Black. After using it, would you recommend it to other snowboarders?

Honestly I was going to save answering this question for the full review, but I figure this will be a good way for me to get some feedback on what you guys want me to cover in the GoPro 3 Black review.

Firstly… yeah, I’d recommend the GoPro 3 Black BUT you have to be willing to put up with some random freezing issues in the current software. The latest software update *may* have fixed it, but I haven’t fully tested it since I updated the software today.

At the moment, here’s how the GoPro 3 Black stands in my eyes:

  • Best picture quality out of current action cameras
  • Best features and low light performance
  • Kinda glitchy and buggy software that freezes/lags frames on the odd occasion

So yeah… awesome picture quality and settings, but crappy software that I hope they fix soon. I’ll talk about this more in the full review, but for now my recommendation comes with a huge warning that it can/will freeze on you once in awhile.

I’d still buy it since the picture quality still beats everything else and I can deal with the rare freezing issue, but be warned that it does have issues with the software.

One more thing…

What do you want me to cover in the GoPro 3 Black review? Are there specific questions you want me to answer? Anything snowboard specific you want to know? Let me know because I’ll be writing up the review + video for it this within the next week.

If you have a question on the GoPro 3 Black, leave it in the comments below/facebook/twitter and I’ll answer it when I write the review.

– Jed

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  1. i miss something? is there a new firmware?
    December 15, 2012 is the latest on the website. (http://gopro.com/update)

    • Not sure why, but when I connected my GoPro before writing this blog it said there were updates even though I updated on that mid Dec patch already.

      Might have been something weird with GoPro site – who knows with their software being buggy already.

  2. To be honest, what I’d like to see in your review is a comparison to a Contour 2+, altho I know that might be a tad impossible! But I’d love to see a couple of side by side screen shots Not necessarily from the same helmet, but if you had a mate riding with you on the same runs at the same time running one!

    • As far as I know none of my friends have contour+2s so I probably won’t be able to do that. Will give it a shot and ask around though.

  3. Took my new GoPro Black out on the slopes for the first time and I experienced the ‘freezing’ problem 2-3 times the entire week I was out there. Not the end of the world but a little annoying when you have to fix it mid-run – shedding gloves and freezing fingers and all that while trying to take the battery out without losing anything! Other than that, picture quality is superb and way better than my old Contour HD GPS. All in all, very happy with it.

  4. Hey Jed, can u share how does the remote works in the mountain? By wireless Internet signal or 3G or …?

    • the remote works fine, it uses wifi to connect the gopro. The gopro works as a wireless hotspot, and the remote is connected to it. ( same is when u use the mobile app on iphone to remote the gopro)
      the only down thing is, that it eats up the battery time rapidly. so a battery backpack or some extra batteries is must have.

    • Yep – as just mentioned, it uses wifi to connect via an app. Honestly the remote isn’t worth using on the hill because it really drains battery life fast. I only use the remote off-hill when I’m using the GoPro on a tripod or something similar.

  5. Thanks guys for your lightning response. Looking at contour 2 or go pro black now. If I just want to remote video my own riding from a tripod in e park. Any cheaper option out there?

    • Other option is the Sony Action Cam. Picture quality wise it’s a little bit below the GoPro and you don’t have as many mounting options, but for a budget price it offers good value.

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