Review: Dakine Super Tune – Ski & Snowboard Tuning Kit

Dakine Super Tune

There’s a lot of random bits and pieces that you’ll need in order to properly tune your ski/snowboard, so Dakine put it all together into a handy convenient pack!

I’ve used this tuning kit for a few years, so here’s a detailed review on the Dakine Super Tune kit.


You’ll find this kit for sale at about $80-90 US. A little pricy, but you have to remember that the waxing iron included with this kit costs $50+ US if you buy it separately.

What you get

- Zipper Carry Case

- Waxing Iron

- Edge Tuning Tool

- 25 cm file

- File cleaning brush

- Metal scraper

- 25 cm plastic scraper

- Gummi stone

- 2 candle sticks of p-tex

- Small bar of wax

- Scuff pad

Appearance & Convenience

A very nice looking case overall. I love the plaid pattern on the newer cases. It’s a great looking carry case to stick all your tuning tools inside!

I’ve found the case really useful for sticking all my extra waxes and tools inside. It fits nicely inside my snowboard bag and it makes it really easy when I’m travelling.

Dakine Super Tune Case

Quality & durability of tuning tools

Overall, all the pieces in the kit were high quality items. They are identical to the normal tuning items you’d buy at any ski/snowboard shop, except Dakine has packaged it all together in this kit.


- The waxing iron is identical to an older model Swix waxing iron that used to retail for about $50 and the iron scraper has held up reasonably well.


- I’d prefer an edge tuning tool that had more options for bevel angles. The edge tuning tool included only has 90 degree or 88 degree angles. Not a huge minus, since most people don’t bother with anything except the 90 degree angle.

ps – If you’re confused by what I just said, check out our guide on edge tuning and bevel angles.

- I thought it was odd that the kit doesn’t include a screwdriver tool. Again, it’s not a huge minus, but it would be nice if they included a mini screwdriver tool so that you don’t have to buy one separately.

Final thoughts

If you’re happy with a cheap department store iron and want to save money, I’d recommend buying the ‘Deluxe Tune’ kit instead. It’s exactly the same as this kit, except it doesn’t come with a waxing iron.

The Dakine Super Tune kit is a good overall kit for those looking to get a starter set of tuning tools with a waxing iron. The carry case really does come in handy when you’re travelling and it makes it a lot easier to keep your tuning tools together.

Overall, I’m really happy with the tuning kit and would recommend it to others that are looking to get into tuning.

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  1. I think this is a great piece of kit! – Dakine make some awesome gear and this is ideal to throw in your bag. Its got everything you need, but my only critisism would be that they dont include a structuring brush. I often find the pads dont leave as good quality surface as a brush.

  2. Gregory says:

    Is the brush is horsehair or metal wire?

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