How To Ride Bumps & Moguls On A Snowboard

Today’s reader question:

How do I ride moguls on a snowboard? Is there a correct way to ride down moguls and bumps?

Most snowboarders hate moguls. I think I only know a handful of snowboarders that enjoy moguls and bumps, but for the most part, most of us just deal with them and try to get past them as quickly as possible.

I wouldn’t say I completely hate them, but I don’t exactly come down a run hoping there will be some moguls.

You just have to deal with them and figure out how to ride them, so here’s some tips to help you out.

How to ride moguls on a snowboard

So, there’s two main ways you can turn while riding moguls on a snowboard.

1) Turning around the bumps

This is the easiest way to turn in moguls. You don’t need to absorb as much pressure when turning and you won’t pick up too much speed.

2) Turning on top of the bumps

This method takes more advanced turning control. You need the ability to make short, dynamic turns and be good at absorbing and releasing pressure as you turn on top of each bump.

3) Turning tightly on top of bumps

This is basically the same as method 2, except you make even quicker, smaller turns. I didn’t count it as a 3rd method since it’s essentially the same as number 2.

How To Ride Moguls On A Snowboard

One important note:

You don’t need to use only 1 method of turning.

In fact, as you get more advanced with your turning in mogul/bump fields, you’ll start to mix and match your turns to adapt to your current speed and direction as you travel down the ski run.

If you get really, really advanced, you’ll even start airing over and skipping multiple moguls as you ride down.

More tips:

As you get better at turning on moguls, try to look 2-3 moguls ahead of where you are. To make quick, sharp turns down a mogul field, you need to know where you’re going to turn before you get there.

You’ll have to decide what type of the above 3 turns you’ll use and where you’re going to use it. Always be looking ahead and planning your next couple of turns.

If you don’t plan your route and turn ahead of time, you won’t have time to make the turn and you end up running straight into a mogul and getting thrown off balance.

As well as this, remember to work on using those knees to helps absorb and control pressure as you turn and bounce around the moguls.

Hope this helps!

– Jed

ps – Don’t worry if it takes some time to learn how to turn on moguls. It’s an advanced skill and turning well on moguls requires a very high level of pressure control and snowboard control.

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  1. there’s another way……use them as features. pop off them from one to the other (as you pointed out Jed), spin off them, ollies, nollies, tap them . from one side of the run to the other. …. straight down means less fun.

    • Yeah, Wayne’s correct. Moguls can be fun little jumps once you get advanced with riding them. I actually have a friend who goes straight down moguls and airs 3-4 at a time… he’s also crazy though so that probably helps.

  2. Lol anyone that says they can beat me down the moguls I’ve already won. Change your thinking snowboard up hill… How do you think I loose momentum setting a edge Wrong try turning your momentum up hill it is like starting from a stop with out stopping. And stay low bend those knees. Just wanted to help your site since I could not make heads or tails out of your scribbling

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