How To Ride Faster While Snowboarding

Today’s reader question:

I want to ride faster when I snowboard, but I always get scared when I start to go fast. What can I do to learn to ride faster?

Honestly this is one of those things that you don’t train directly. Let me explain:

1) Your speed will naturally increase

You can’t ride fast right now because you’re not comfortable at speed right? Well you’re not comfortable because you’re not confident in your ability to control your snowboard.

This control and confidence comes with more time snowboarding.

Even just riding around and continuing to snowboard will increase your speed without you doing anything else. Your board control will naturally improve and with it comes more confidence and that means your speed will increase as well.

Think about it, how fast were you going when you first learnt to snowboard in a straight line? Not very fast. How fast do you go now compared to then? It may not be lightning fast, but it’s faster than you used to ride.

2) Focus on basic riding

So if control of your snowboard is what allows you to feel confident going faster, then it makes sense that you should practice things that improve your control over your snowboard right?

Well, there’s no secret trick to this, it all goes back to basics. Work on your carving, turning and riding more technical terrain like steeper runs and tree runs.

What is it that makes you a little uncomfortable when you snowboard? Is it cat tracks? Tree runs? Whatever it is, that’s what you should aim to snowboard. You only increase your comfort level by doing things that make you uncomfortable.

Now don’t take this to mean that I think you should go huck yourself off 100 foot cliff or ride double black tree runs if you’re a beginner. I mean ride what feels uncomfortable, not what is impossible for your skill level.

I find that many beginners are uncomfortable on cat tracks because it requires small precise adjustments. So you know what they should do? Ride the crap out of those cat tracks.

There’s no other way around it. If you want to increase your comfort level you have to do the things that make you uncomfortable and from that you’ll be able to ride faster and feel more in control as you snowboard.

Hope that answers your question!

– Jed

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  1. LOVE this website and feedback. if your broke but have a passion for snowboarding and everything around it, how would you start off your career and/or what other ways can i make the dream happen to be around snowboarding. would love to move and start a new life/job/career around more boarding.

    • It depends what you want out of it and what skills you have. If you want the easy route, just move to a ski resort and work evening shifts. You’ll get plenty of riding in, except the downside is you’ll be working for pretty low wage and living paycheck to paycheck.

      Personally if it were me in that situation again I’d go the route of getting a job that allows me to snowboard a lot. It doesn’t have to be related to snowboarding, but there are plenty of jobs that let you work from a computer these days and I’d work towards doing one of them.

      Things like graphic design, website creation, etc etc. Either that or move to somewhere like Vancouver where you can work a regular job, but be 15-30min from the ski resorts.

  2. First: I’m still a new to snowboarding, I find when I’m going straight, not on any edge, the board feels like it will slip either way from under me. Is this natural or am I doing something wrong? Should I always be on some type of edge?

    • This is normal until you have better edge control over your snowboard. Edge control and comfort will come with time on the snow and practice.

      Typically you want to always be on one of your edges (even when you’re riding straight it’s usually a better idea to have a tiny bit of pressure on your toe edge incase you run into a bump that can throw you off balance).

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