Snowboarding Switch – The Common Mistake When Landing Switch

Learning to land switch is one of the first things any snowboarder learning to hit jumps and rails will learn, however, there’s a key mistake that a lot of people make when learning to land switch and it slows down their learning speed.

The snowboard mistake when learning how to land switch:

Don’t revert or hop out of switch right after you land. Ride it out.

I know the first thing you want to do after you’ve landed your trick switch is go back to riding regular, but don’t do it. Give it a few seconds and ride out clean before you turn back to regular again.

This is what most people do after landing switch:

Snowboard Switch Landing Mistake

Don’t do the revert into regular. Resist that urge and keep riding out switch after you land.

Why is riding out switch important?

If you don’t ride out switch, you’ll start to get into the habit of reverting back to regular every time you land switch and this goes into your muscle memory.

Muscle memory is the basis of all freestyle snowboarding and how your body remembers each movement will directly affect how you look and perform as a snowboarder.

You want clean, consistent and stylish movements recorded into your muscle memory. Ask yourself, is reverting back to regular right after you land switch a clean, consistent and stylish movement?

Nope! So don’t do it.

The less bad habits you get stuck into your muscle memory early on, the better it is for you in the long run when you need to go back and clean up your riding technique.

Not to mention you’ll look more stylish and in-control if you stomp that switch landing and ride it out.

Fact: Riding out your switch landings will get you hot snow bunnies.

– Jed

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