How To Get More Rotation On Your 360 Spins

Welcome to our video series where I take footage from my Snomie VIP member’s group and breakdown a key mistake in their technique and how to fix it.

This week we’re looking at 360s!

How to fix your approach line, carve correctly and get more power in your 360 rotation:

The important tips to remember:

1) Speed is your friend

Before fixing anything else, make sure you have enough speed when approaching any jump. If you don’t land in the sweet spot (the steepest part of the landing), you need to go faster.

Pay attention to your run in and if you come up short of the sweet spot, you’ll know to drop in higher or eliminate a speed check on your next attempt.

2) Edging is not carving

Most of your power to spin comes from carving on an edge, but just because you’re on your toe or heel edge, doesn’t mean you’re carving. If you don’t carve, you lose a lot of rotation power and that’s a huge reason why people fail to rotate enough on their 360s.

The easy way to tell whether you’re carving is to ask yourself this question: “Am I riding in a straight line while riding on my edge?”

If you’re carving, your board will be turning. If you aren’t carving, you’ll be riding in a straight line (which means you won’t have any rotation power to help you spin).

Make sure you’re carving and not just riding on an edge.

3) Approach from an angle from one side of the jump

When you carve, you turn your board right? This means you can’t approach from right in front of the jump.

You need to approach at an angle from one side of the jump to compensate for the turning that will happen once you start carving, otherwise you’ll run into the trap of sitting on an edge without carving.

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– Jed

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