Sandbox Classic Brain Bucket Helmet Review

Blue Sandbox Helmet SideshotWhite Sandbox Helmet

An insanely popular helmet, the Sandbox Brain Bucket Helmet was released a few years ago and instantly skyrocketed into popularity.

So how does it hold up as a helmet?

2 Types of Brain Buckets:

This helmet comes with either a certified EPS Sports Liner or with a non certified EVA foam liner.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the non certified version.


A very, very nice looking helmet. It’s low profile design and baseball cap brim are what originally made the helmet so popular.

People really love the design and it’s not uncommon for me to get asked where to purchase the helmet by other chair lift/gondola riders.

The helmet is currently available in lots of nice bright colors, as well as your typical Black or White. They mix around the colors and add a new color every year or two.

Sandbox Brain Bucket Helmet


  • 3 sets of different sized foam pads to change the fit of the helmet
  • Removable Goggle Clip
  • Removable Ear Pads


The helmet either comes as a Small/Medium or a Large/X-Large.

I got the Small/Medium and was able to play around with the different foam pads to get the size just right. Overall, a nice snug fit.

I really like the changeable foam pads because it lets me change the size for when I want to wear a beanie under my helmet.

Sandbox Helmet Inner Shell

Goggle Compatibility:

Thanks to the baseball cap brim, you’ll get pretty much any goggle to fit with the helmet. Any gaps above your goggle are covered by the brim of your helmet.

Sandbox Helmet In Use


Outer Helmet Shell

It’s outer shell is made of hard plastic that has a little bit of flex. This makes it really, really hard to actually crack the outer shell. I landed on my head from a 40 foot jump and the outer shell is still in one piece.

Inner Foam Lining

After a couple seasons of weekly knocks to the head, the inner foam liner has started to come lose from the outer shell. This is after 2 full seasons of riding 200+ days, so I can’t really take too many points away for that.

Plus it’s an easy fix with a $5 tube of super glue  😉

Worn Sandbox Helmet

Final Thoughts

A really solid helmet overall. The only downside is that it isn’t certified, but that’s what the new Certified Brain Bucket is for. Given the choice now, I’d probably pick up the certified version of this helmet.

That said, I’ve hit my head pretty hard in this helmet and I haven’t had any concussions, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would prefer buying the certified liner version for peace of mind.

Overall, I definitely love this helmet and would recommend it to anyone looking for a low profile, good looking helmet.

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  1. Awesome review, been looking for a decent helmet for a while now.

  2. What type of goggles are those?

    • I’m wearing the Electric EG2 goggles in the photo.

      If you like big goggles, there’s also the Von Zipper Fishbowl goggles which are coming out for the 2011/12 season. They are basically Von Zipper’s version of the EG2.

  3. Love the look for sure, I’d love to get one and put my Phillies’ logo on the front, but here would be my major issue: sweat. My dome puts off a lot of heat when I board, and even my vented lid feels toasty warm when I take it off after a day or riding. So, my only concern would be an excessive amount of heat build up. Any issues with that or comments in regards to the helmet?

  4. Update: Found the Skate style… Still love to hear your take on the heat issue, though.

  5. Hi, and greetings from Finland.

    Your helmet is small/medium and you can get your goggles under your helmet, may I ask what is your head size or what size new era cap would you wear?

    • Hey Vertti, sorry bout the late reply, I didn’t see this comment until now. I have a really small head. I don’t know what my exact head size (I wear one size fits all hats) is but all my helmets are small.

      You should be able to get goggles under the helmet as long as it fits your head. There are several thicknesses of foam pads that you can pick from, so if it’s too tight you can always swap to the thinner foam pads.

  6. Philthy Phil says:

    Hmm good review but I would question the safety of this helmet. During my season working at Big White I saw two separate occasions where a brain bucket lived up to it’s namesake and contained the riders brain matter…but not much else. One of the guys died and the other ended up vegetable.

    • That happens with many helmets though, it’s the unfortunate nature of our sport that sometimes helmets don’t stop injury or death if the impact is too great.

      However, Sandbox does make a brain bucket that meets the safety standard nowadays too, it’s exactly the same as this one, just with a foam shell liner inside it 🙂

  7. I just picked up a low pro as well…I just started park riding this year…just started hitting rails and medium jumps…still learning 180s…pretty much the medium park at seymour.

    Would you recommend that I sell the helmet and get a certified or would a low pro do for what I’m doing?….thanks!

    • Personally I think it’s up to you. I feel safer in a certified helmet vs. the uncertified ones, but whether you should sell the helmet and get a certified one depends on your budget and how you feel about using an uncertified helmet.

      I know I’m swapping mine out for a certified one next season, but that’s just me.

  8. Hey mate, looking at buying the brain bucket low profile but don’t have the luxury of trying one on before I buy it. I sort of fall into the high end of the S/M and the low end of the L/XL. Would you be able to tell me what your head measurment is so I can get an idea of what I might need. I’m thinking I’d be better off maxing out the small then padding out a large?


    • Hey Fraser. Just measured and I’m 55cm around the forehead and going behind the top of my ears (roughly, was a little hard measuring myself).

      Hope that helps.

  9. Thanks for your review! What do you think, what is the difference between this helmet and the classic wake? I have a certified version of the legend, but I want to buy this one for jib

    • Honestly the certified one is the way to go, the older sandbox helmets like this one are literally just kayak helmets with the sandbox logo stuck to them.

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