Behind The Scenes – Trying Reader Suggested Sore Throat Remedies

So I said the blogs on Snomie now will either be epic, detailed snowboard guides/tips, or real life content showing a bit of the behind the scenes personality and going-ons at Snomie. This is the latter.

The Problem:

I caught a cold and sore throat from my girlfriend, but I have to record 4-5 trick tip video voiceovers for our members area this week.

The Solution:

Ask our readers for sore throat remedies and try the best idea.

The Result:

It’s really not *that* bad…

– Jed

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  1. Ginger is great for colds. For sore throats, I go with this: cider vinegar (1 tsp), Honey (1 and a half-2 tsp), and Lemon (a nice squeeze), with hot water. Honey soothes, while lemon & cider vinegar are antiseptics. You could add ginger to that combo (ginger is antiseptic but is more useful at unblocking sinuses). If sinuses are blocked, I use a Neti Pot and/or go heavy on garlic in cooking. Neti Pots rule when it comes to avoiding colds in the first place.

  2. The other trick is to take zinc tablets regularly. I generally don’t bother taking them daily (I’m lazy!), but if I feel a cold coming on, I take twice the RDA of zinc tablets for a day or two, and it helps kick my cold into touch big time. You should take it before the cold kicks in at all really – it works by boosting the activity of your immune system, so it fights the cold faster. Doing that after developing a cold isn’t quite as effective as having a boosted immune system dealing with the cold before you’re feeling it. I went from getting 5-10 proper colds per year to 1-2 colds per year, and they’re just sniffles rather than feeling like my face is falling off. Hope this helps.

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