Simple Tips To Improve Your Snowboard Carving Skills

Snowboard Carving

Just another toeside carve in Whistler. I think this was taken 2-3 years ago - Jed

We got a question from Anthony N. via Twitter and he found our answer helpful so I thought I’d copy it to our blog for everyone else ­čÖé

I wanna know how to use my edge when im carving on a snowboard? I always fall.

Here are some tips to improve your carving:

Gentle Pressure

If you’re just starting off carving, the trick is to be gentle.┬áThink of it like the gas pedal of a car, you don’t push it all the way down at first, you slowly apply pressure. The same goes for carving, you gently apply more pressure to your toe/heel edge (whichever edge your carving on).

An exercise for you to try on the hill:

Think of each foot as a gas pedal and always start off the carve with your leading foot.

For toeside carves – Apply gentle, gradual pressure towards your toes, as if pressing on the gas pedal.

For heelside carves – Apply gentle, gradual pressure towards your heels, as if lifting off a gas pedal

Always start the carve with whichever foot is leading. So if your right foot is in front, start the carve by applying pressure from your right foot and follow that same movement and pressure with your rear foot.

So it should go like this: Front foot applies some pressure to begin the carve > Back foot follows and applies some pressure to continue and follow through into the carve.

Your leading foot should always lead the movement and your rear foot should always follow and mimic the movement of the front foot.

Hope that helps you guys, let me know if you need me to clarify anything or if you have any questions.

– Jed

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