Snowboard Addiction Review – Freestyle Program – Do Trick Tip Videos Work?

(edit – I loved this product so much that I partnered with them to set up a bonus discount for readers at the end of the snowboard addiction review. All links in this article are now affiliate links, enjoy the discount 🙂 – Jed)

What do you do when you want to learn to hit a jump on a snowboard? Or learn to hit a rail? Or spin 180s, 360s or backflips?

For 9 out of 10 people, the solution is looking for snowboard trick tips that teach you how to do the trick.

One company in particular, Snowboard Addiction, has dominated the snowboard trick tip game with over 17,000+ snowboard trick tip videos sold every year.

Snowboard Addiction Logo

So do they live up to the hype and are their snowboard trick tip videos as good as everyone says they are?

I purchased their full trick tip program and I’m going to give you an in-depth review of all their snowboard trick tips and courses.

What’s in this Snowboard Addiction Review:

  1. How their videos compare vs. free snowboard trick tips
  2. In depth break down of each of their snowboard trick tip courses
  3. My snowboard addiction review of their full freestyle program
  4. Bonus: How to get their videos for less $$

Alright, let’s get on with this!

1) Free snowboard trick tips vs. Snowboard Addiction’s trick tips

So the first question is why pay for what you can find free online?

To look at this further, here’s a very common example of a free snowboard trick tip made by a big snowboard magazine, Transworld Snowboarding:

If we break it down, we see the common problems with most free snowboard trick tips:

1) They describe the trick instead of telling you how to do it

The entire trick tip above can be summed up as “So you approach the snowboard jump… spin 360 off your toes… grab…. land… congrats you just did a 360!”

There wasn’t actually any information on how to make your snowboard spin a 360. This is the problem that happens when you employ pro snowboarders who are awesome at snowboarding, but horrible at teaching.

These pros will tell you to “initiate the spin” and “launch into the 360” without actually telling you how to do it.

2) They skip important basics that you need to know

One huge problem with most free online trick tips is that they forget about all the other skills a beginner needs to know BEFORE they can do the trick.

For example, let’s say you want to learn to do a backside 360, just like in the video above.

You need to know how to create and control pressure by carving. You need to know how to create a platform to spin off. You need to know how to hit a jump while staying balanced in the air.

These are basics that you need to master and unfortunately trick tip videos like the one above don’t teach any of that.

Fun fact: 99% of all snowboard freestyle uses the same basic movements. The basic movements that allow you to spin a 360 are the same movements you use to spin a 540, 720, 900 and beyond.

Okay, so how does the video above compare to the actual Snowboard Addiction freestyle trick tip lessons?

2) What Snowboard Addiction offers and what you get for your money:

3) A look at Snowboard Addiction’s Full Freestyle Program:

Price: $69 for the download version (or $62.10 if you use our tip at the end of this review), includes 8 different snowboard freestyle trick tip courses inside.

Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Program Download

Each course download was about 200 to 650 megabytes and all snowboard lessons were available in either regular or goofy stance:

Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Download

What’s inside each trick tip video course:

Here’s what you can expect inside each of the snowboard trick tip courses that Snowboard Addiction offers.

Click ‘show‘ to view what’s inside each snowboard training course.

Course 1: Introduction To Freestyle


Snowboard Addiction - Intro To Freestyle Download

Snowboard tricks taught in this course:

  • How to get air off a jump (straight airs)
  • How to 50/50 on a box or rail
  • How to spin 180s
  • How to hit street style rails
  • How to hit hip jumps

This course was broken into 3 video lessons:

Video 1: Straight Airs & 50/50s

Video 2 – Street Style 50/50s & Hip Jumps

Video 3 – How to spin 180s

Course 2: Intermediate Freestyle


Snowboard Addiction Intermediate Freestyle

Snowboard tricks taught in this course:

  • How to spin 360s
  • 50-50 frontside 180 out
  • 50-50 backside 180 out
  • Frontside boardslide
  • Backside boardslide
  • Frontside lipslide
  • Backside lipslide

This course was broken into 2 video lessons:

Video 1 – How to spin 360s

Video 2 – Intermediate Jibbing

Course 3: Getting Upside Down


Snowboard Addiction - Getting Upside Down

Snowboard tricks taught in this course:

  • Backflips
  • Frontflips

This course was broken into 3 video lessons:

Video 1 – Backflips

Video 2 – Tamedogs/Frontflips

Video 3 – Trampoline training

This is a bonus included with the ‘Getting Upside Down’ course. The video lesson takes you through basic trampoline training methods to improve your aerial awareness and overall snowboard skills.

Example from video 3: 

Snowboard Addiction Trampoline Training

Course 4: Halfpipes & Handplants


Snowboard Addiction - Halfpipes & Handplants

Snowboard tricks taught in this course:

  • How to ride a halfpipe
  • How to handplant

This course was broken up into 2 videos:

Video 1 – How to ride a halfpipe

Video 2 – How to handplant

Course 5: Buttery Stuff


Snowboard Addiction Buttering

Snowboard tricks taught in this course:

Large variety of flatground tricks including:

  • Nose / tail presses & spins
  • Bonks
  • Block stalls
  • Spinning into & out of nose / tail presses

This course is broken up into 2 video lessons:

Video 1 – Intro to Buttering

Video 2 – Advanced Buttering

Course 6: Riding Powder


Snowboard Addiction - Riding Powder

Snowboard lessons taught in this video:

  • Backcountry safety
  • How to ride powder

This course is broken up into 2 video lessons:

Video 1 – Backcountry Safety

Video 2 – How to ride powder

Course 7: Jumping Vol 2


Snowboard Addiction Jumping Vol 2

Snowboard tricks taught in this video:

  • Ollies
  • Nollies
  • Shiftys
  • Grabs
  • Boning grabs
  • How to spin 360s, 540s, and 720s

This course was broken up into 3 video lessons:

Video 1 – Introduction to Jumping

Video 2 – Intermediate Jumping

Video 3 – Advanced Spinning

Course 8: Jibbing Vol 2


Snowboard Addiction Jibbing Tricks

Snowboard tricks taught in this video:

  • 50-50s
  • Boardslides
  • Frontboards
  • Nose and tail slides
  • Nose and tail presses
  • 180’s out of 50-50’s, nose presses and tail presses
  • Change ups
  • Tailslide 270s
  • Frontblunt 270s
  • Pretzels

This course is broken into 2 video lessons:

Video 1 – Introduction to Jibbing

Video 2 – Advanced Jibbing

4) Snowboard Addiction Review – the pros vs. cons of their freestyle program:

What I didn’t like about their trick tips:

Honestly the only negative I can really find is that the download links expire within 48 hours of purchasing any of the download programs.

I’d have preferred it if there was some way for you to access the downloads at any time in the future, but I do understand why they have to make the links expire to stop people from stealing their videos.

What I liked about their trick tips:

Snowboard Addiction videos are one of the only snowboard products I recommend on this blog for a good reason. They teach everything from a beginner’s perspective and build up to more complicated tricks.

Remember earlier when I said 99% of all snowboard tricks are made up of the same basic movements? The guys at Snowboard Addiction teach using this as the basis of their entire lessons.

Each of their video lessons follows a very similar path:

  1. Describe the trick they’re going to teach
  2. Break down the trick into several basic snowboard techniques
  3. Teach how to execute each basic snowboard technique
  4. Piece together the bigger trick by combining all the previously taught basic techniques

Unlike those other trick tips on YouTube, their lessons teach everything from the ground up. Every lesson is designed to be simple and build on one of their previous snowboard lessons.

This is why their product works and why I’m happy to highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into freestyle snowboarding.

Discount for readers:

So I contacted Nev over at Snowboard Addiction and set up a discount code just for readers.

If you wish to purchase any of his trick tip videos right now, you can use the code ‘snomie‘ at checkout to get 10% off anything you buy.

Remember, they offer a 120% money back guarantee, so if you don’t find their trick tips useful, you can always get your money back and 20% extra on top of that.

Here you go:

Snowboard Addiction Coupon


– Jed