What Snowboard Binding Angles Should You Use?

What are binding angles and what angles should you use when setting up your snowboard bindings?

Here’s a quick guide to setting up your binding angles.

What are binding angles?

You’ll see snowboarders refer to their binding angles with 2 numbers. This can be written in many forms such as 15, -15 or 12 front, -9 back. The first number refers to your front foot angle and the second number refers to your back foot angle.

A simple breakdown:

  • 0 would mean that your bindings are pointing in a straight line away from the toe-side of your snowboard.
  • -15 would mean your bindings are angled 15 degrees towards the tail of your snowboard
  • 15 would mean your bindings are angled 15 degrees towards the nose of your snowboard

So what angles should I use?

I recommend starting at something like 12 and -12. This means 12 degrees on your front foot and 12 degrees on your back foot.

From there, you can tweak the settings to see what works best for you. There’s no set rule of what you must set your binding angles to, it’s mostly personal preference of what feels the most comfortable.

It can take some time and many days on the hill of messing around with your bindings before you decide on what you prefer.

Here are a few general rules for adjusting your binding angles:

  • Don’t go further than 20 degrees (or -20) on any one foot.
  • Your front foot should be a positive number and your back foot should be zero or a negative number.
  • Try not to have more than 30 degrees difference between your front foot and back foot. For example: No more than 15 front, -15 back or 18 front, -12 back because 15+15 = 30 and 18+12 = 30.
  • No less than 9 degrees difference between your front and back binding. Eg: No less than 6 front, -3 back because +6 is 9 degrees away from -3.
  • Your front foot should have equal or more angle than your back binding. Eg: 12 front, -3 back is correct. 6 front, -12 back is not correct.

These rules can be broken and you’ll find many people who break these rules, but for a beginner, you shouldn’t venture outside these rules unless you know what you’re doing.

How do I adjust my angles?

Every binding, with the exception of Burton EST bindings, has small numbers around the edge of the circular disc in the middle of your bindings. There’s also an arrow on the outside that shows you what the current angle is.

snowboard binding angle adjustment

Snowboard binding angle adjustment close up

You want to loosen the screws and line up the number on the outside of the circle with the arrow on the circular disc. So if you wanted -15 degrees, you’d look for the ‘0’, then turn your binding towards the rear of your snowboard until you line up the arrow with 15.

Look at the ‘0’ as a starting point. Negative angles are turning your binding towards the rear of your snowboard and positive angles are turning your bindings towards the front of your snowboard.

With Burton EST Bindings, it’s a similar process, except the number displaying your current angle is displayed inside a little circular hole on the bindings.

Play around with your angles a to start out with. If your front foot feels like it might be better turned more outwards, stick more angle on your front binding. Keep making adjustments until you’re happy with how it feels.

Adjusting your binding angles takes time and a little bit of fiddling around with angles, so have a play around with them and see what feels best!

Got more questions? Ask away!

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  1. Those look like K2 style bindings, I just got a pair of k2 company IPO bindings and want to set my angles to 12 -12 as you have recommended. What should this look like all I see is 15 and 30. Forgive my ignorance but if I don’t figure this out I can ride this weekend. Well all my friends ski..
    Thanks in advance…

    • They won’t label each angle in between 0, 15 and 30, so you have to count.

      0 is where the arrow is and everytime you move you turn your bindings one adjustment over is 3 degrees. So 12, -12 is 4 adjustments and you should be just before reaching the 15 mark on the bindings.

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