Get More From Your Snowboard Bindings – How To Rotate Your Highbacks

Burton Highback

Burton Highback

The highbacks of your snowboard bindings are adjustable, so today I’m going to show you how I rotate the highbacks of my snowboard bindings to get the best performance.

Why rotate your highbacks?

Your highbacks start off parallel to the heel edge of your snowboard, but when you put angle on your bindings (as described in our binding angles guide), you tilt your bindings towards the nose or tail of your snowboard.

By rotating our highbacks, we can make them parellel with the heel edge again. In plain english, this means more power gets to the heel edge of your snowboard.

How do you rotate your highbacks?

It’s a really simple process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Here’s a quick video to show you how to rotate your highbacks:

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  1. I have old k2 formulas. I ride at a 18° it doesn’t seems to go far enough without really twisting my high backs outta shape is this OK. Also when folding the backs down they really grind the binding to fold it if that makes sense

    • Yeah, with some binding highbacks it might not be able to go all the way equal with the heel edge, but that’s okay.

      You should be fine adjusting as much as you can without causing the highbacks to twist out of shape or start grinding too much against the heel edge.

  2. Can you do this with flow bindings at all?

    • Not too sure about flow bindings, but honestly you don’t have to do this with a lot of bindings these days because a lot of the newer bindings have shaped their highback in the right way already without needing rotation.

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