Snowboard Rail Trick Definitions: Frontside, Backside & Hardway?

A couple days ago we covered spin trick definitions, so now lets cover rail tricks. Rail trick names can be a little confusing especially because backside and frontside have different meanings for performing rail tricks.

The Basics

For rail tricks, backside and frontside are measured by which side of the rail you approach the trick from.


You approach with the rail/box in front of your body

Frontside Boardslide


You approach with the rail/box behind your body

Backside Boardslide

Spinning Onto Rails

When spinning onto rails, you have 2 options.

Easy Way

This means you spin towards the rail. So if the rail if to your left, you spin left. No extra words are added to the trick if done the easy way.

Eg: Cab 270 On

Hard Way

This means you spin in the direction away from the rail. So if the rail is to your left, you’d spin right. When a trick is done the hard way, we usually add ‘hardway’ to the trick name.

Eg: Hardway 270 On

Spinning Off Rails

Just like spinning onto rails, you can spin off rails the easy way or hard way. We call this Pretzel or Bagel.


You spin off the rail in the same direction that you span onto the rail. No one really adds ‘Bagel’ to the name of a trick that’s done this way, just like we don’t add ‘Easyway’ when you spin onto a rail the easy way.

Look at any of the above videos to see a standard bagel off.


You spin off the rail in the opposite direction that you span on. When spinning off the hard way, we add ‘Pretzel’ to the name of the trick.

Switch Up

This means that during your boardslide/lipslide, you hop, spin another 180 degrees and continue the slide.

Rail Tricks


A 90 degree spin towards the rail, landing with your board at a 90 degree angle on the rail.


Also a 90 degree spin, except you spin the hardway onto the rail.


No spin onto the rail/box. You jump onto it and ride straight down it.

Nosepress & Tailpress

The same as a 50-50 except you shift your weight to your nose or tail and lift the other end up.

Michael Jackson

You ride across the box on the toe edge of your board.

I hope this was helpful to you and made rail trick names a little less confusing. Good luck and happy sliding!

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  1. Thought hardway was popping off your heels for backside spin and toes for frontside spin…?

    • Hardway means that as well. They have different meanings depending on whether you’re talking about jumps or rails.

      • Im not sure thats quite accurate. I know that hardway is only used on rails. If it was as you described above, shouldnt lipslides also usually be hardway tricks?

        On jumps you usually just mention, off the heels and toes, when a trick is done on eithey one of them, but dont use the term hardway.

        Great trick guide btw!! Thanks! 🙂

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