This Should Be Your Go To Snowboard Stance – The Balanced Body Position

I was sure I covered this before, but apparently not, so let’s talk about the Balance Body Position.

This is one of the first key skills that every snowboarder has to learn when you start snowboarding and it’s probably one of the first things any good snowboard instructor will try to get nailed into your head.

What is the balanced body position?

The balanced body position or ‘BBP’ for short is simply a relaxed stance that allows you to stay balanced and snowboarding comfortably. It’s an athletic stance that is both relaxed and comfortable, while also keeping you ready to engage your knees and body.

Think of the balanced body position as your default riding stance when you’re snowboarding.

How do I do the balanced body position?

Okay so 5 key points that make up the balanced body position:

1) Relax your upper body. Not hunched over, but relaxed.

2) Bend your knees and let your body relax and sag your weight onto your bent knees. Slightly flex your ankles, knees and hip joints. No straight legs in the balanced body position!

Balanced body position example 1

3) Keep your body weight evenly distributed on both feet.

4) Keep your arms on either side of your body, but not touching your body.

balanced body position example 2

5) Your entire body should be lined up, nice and balanced. So your shoulders should be in line with your hips and feet. No weird body twisting, everything should be nice and aligned.

Think of the BBP as your ‘ready stance’. You know how 100 meter sprinters get into their ‘ready stance’ just because each race? This is the snowboard version of that stance.

Remember, the balanced body position is your ‘neutral’ stance. You’ll obviously have to move and twist a little to make turns and perform many snowboard techniques, but always remember that you want to return to this balanced position.

If you want another example, think of your body as an elastic toy made from rubber and the balanced body position is how your body is naturally set. So if you were to turn your body or twist into another position, it always returns back to the balanced body position.

– Jed

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