Snowboard Trampoline Training In Whistler (video)

What you learn in this video:

  • Why trampolines are an amazing tool for snowboard training
  • How to build your aerial awareness (so you can do sweet grabs and spot your landing better)
  • Why it’s easy to learn backflips and frontflips in one trampoline session

Filmed on: GoPro HD Hero 3 Black at 1080p / 60 fps

This week I took a trip with my ex-housemates to the local trampoline center in Whistler. Our goal was to practice some flips, build our aerial awareness and just have some fun because trampolines are the bomb.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with trampolines because they’re amazing snowboard training tools, but they also make my knee swell up like a balloon… fyi this is why you never want to have serious knee injuries.


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– Jed

ps – Still working on that GoPro 3 Black review. It’s coming… just had to learn a bit of Final Cut Pro first to make sure I give it a decent review of it’s capabilities.

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  1. I used Izzy’s tutorials to learn the basics of FCPX. They are full of with time-saver tips!

    • Funny enough I actually just did Izzy’s tutorials a couple weeks ago. It’s definitely good stuff, have to check out his advanced course still.

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