Snowboard Trick Tip DVD Giveaway – July 2013

My friend Nev over at SnowboardAddiction.comย (affiliate link) likes what we’re doing here at and is hooking our readers up with their kickass snowboard trick tips for FREE ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s allowing us to give away 1 free trick tip tutorial dvd to a lucky reader each month and it’s time to give away this month’s trick tip dvd!

These are the number #1 selling snowboard trick tips online with over 17,000+ copies sold every year.

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To Enter Do These 2 Things:

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How many days did you ride last year and how many days are you hoping to ride this year?

Entries close July 8th 2013. Winner will be randomly selected and announced below on July 9th.

Please make sure you use a real email address when commenting or we can’t contact the winner to send you your prize.


Any of the following Snowboard Addiction DVD trick tips: Intro to Freestyle, Halfpipes & Handplants, Buttery Stuff, Getting Upside Down, Jumping Vol 2.

They cover how to spin, ride halfpipe, ride rails, do flips, hit boxes and even how to learn flatground buttering tricks:

Snowboard Addiction Trick Tip DVDs

If you want more info (and sample videos) of these freestyle trick tips, I’ve written a very detailed review here:

Snowboard Addiction Review – Freestyle Program

Feel free to have a look for yourself and see why they sell over 17,000 snowboard training videos every year ๐Ÿ™‚

– Jed

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  1. Martin Wilt says:


  2. I got out to the hill about 20 times last season. I hope to get out at least once every weekend and take a trip to banff over the holidays.

  3. i got about 11 days in last year. wasnt the best year, but definitely better then 2012. it was my first year of progression and getting more into freestyle. i cant wait to get 10+ days again this year and learn more where i left off.


  4. Andrea B. says:

    I rode only 7 days but recovering from a broken ankle! Making it to 70+ this next season. (Moving to the mountains)

  5. Rode about 20 days. Hoping to ride double that this year ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thu Tran says:

    I rode 7 days, which is a little more than average for me but I hope to go at least 10 next season. because I’ve never gone double digits before.

  7. 9 last season, hoping for 19 next year.

  8. Last year just 5 days, but next year, thanks to the inspiration I got from your blog, I’ve decided to do a ski season and work at a resort so hopefully I’ll be riding every day for five or so months! Oh yeah! Bring it on!

  9. 15? days last season, 21+ days this season!

  10. 25-30 days last year I think…
    Hoping for 30+ this season!
    Aus season tho ๐Ÿ™

  11. last year i got 10 days of riding, but most of all i moved to canada during the winter for work, so between preparing the move / actually moving oversee / taking marks of my new town etc …. had not so much time to go snowboarding unfortunatly , BUT now hoping to ride as much as i can on evry snowpark around montreal for the next winter… so planning around 40 to 50 times ( i say times and not days , ’cause we can actually snow between 18h and 22h after work here on lighted snowparks… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) on the snow between december to april/may ….

  12. Michael Lyden says:

    I rode 12 days last year. Hoping for 4-5 this year.

  13. Got in 8 days of Japow this year. Sadly it looks like there wont be any Aussie snow for me either last year or this season. 2013 coverage is just too sketchy. Just booked in another 8 days of Japan goodness again tho for February 2014!

  14. Peter Erdogyaraki says:

    26 last season / 30+ would be nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. clayton says:

    Around 20 this last season. Planning for 30+ next season

  16. Nick Thomas says:

    I got to riding 13 days this year. 12 out in Bridger Bowl and 1 on the local hill. Hoping to get a season pass to Bridger this year, would love to get out there 10+ days again!

  17. Kevin Miller says:

    Got to ride once this year. Hoping to ride at least 20 times next year.

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