Snowboard Trick Tip DVD Giveaway – June 2013

My friend Nev over at SnowboardAddiction.comΒ (affiliate link) likes what we’re doing here at and is hooking our readers up with their kickass snowboard trick tips for FREE πŸ™‚

He’s allowing us to give away 1 free trick tip tutorial dvd to a lucky reader each month and it’s time to give away this month’s trick tip dvd!

These are the number #1 selling snowboard trick tips online with over 17,000+ copies sold every year.

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To Enter Do These 2 Things:

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2)Β Leave a comment below with your answer to this question:

Have you ever made your own snowboard video edit before? Why/why not?

Entries close June 8th 2013. Winner will be randomly selected and announced below on June 9th.

(edit – Did the draw, congrats Thu Tran, sending you an email now.)

Please make sure you use a real email address when commenting or we can’t contact the winner to send you your prize.


Any of the following Snowboard Addiction DVD trick tips.

They cover how to spin, ride halfpipe, ride rails, do flips, hit boxes and even how to learn flatground buttering tricks:

Snowboard Addiction Trick Tip DVDs

If you want more info (and sample videos) of these freestyle trick tips, I’ve written a very detailed review here:

Snowboard Addiction Review – Freestyle Program

Feel free to have a look for yourself and see why they sell over 17,000 snowboard training videos every year πŸ™‚

– Jed

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  1. NWBoarder says:

    I have, but oh man was it horrible. Just me and some buddies messing around at Mt. Rainier on a nice pow day, which sounds alright, but the horrible editing software and ancient computer I was working with make it far from OK. πŸ™‚

    • If you have an old slow computer I would recommend you install Xubuntu which is a free operating system that uses Linux at its core. You can then use Openshot or Kdenlive video editing software which is pretty easy to use and not bad at all and as a bonus they’re free too!

  2. Pacheco says:

    Not yet.
    Don’t got enough smooth tricks to make an edit full.

  3. I’ve got some of the footage from our snowboard trip earlier this year ready to be edited. Just waiting for footage from friend’s that came with us so I can do a more interesting edit with different camera angles. Am thinking of doing some effects using Adobe After Effects too. Should be good when it’s done!

  4. No, because for me snowboarding is about fun, and I don’t think sitting behind a desk editing or whatever for hours is a good time, I’d rather be out with my buddies. But hey if that’s what some people want to do then go do it

  5. No I have not. But I would like to. I would like learn how.

  6. Russell says:

    Ya, and its boring. All the thrill, excitement, and all the goodies that you’ve while you are riding are gone.

  7. Thu Tran says:

    Not yet because never got any good footage to put together or camera was too shaky. Also anything worth recording, no one recorded it.

    Btw the floating like isn’t functioning properly, it’s just a blank rectangle.

  8. Peter Erdogyaraki says:

    Always! πŸ™‚ a a short video is worth 1000x then 2-300 boring photos.

  9. Lee Brogan says:

    Of coarse! It’s good fun too look back at what you have done , also , so you can check how you well you done the trick or most important how you can improve the trick! Keep shredding!!

  10. No not yet, however I film and edit some friends who kiteboard. Would be sick to film tricks on the snow, but im not yet good enough, this is why the video would come in handy!

  11. Same here β€” I just forgot to capture the right amount of content in order to be able to create a reasonably interesting edit out of it.

    Chances are good though that I’ll try again next season because videos like “Lines in the Snow” seem to be a great way to keep memories, especially during those weird warm and sunny days in summer.. πŸ˜‰

  12. Luke Ryan says:

    Yep I make one every season. I find that getting together with all your mates and filming each others tricks is a whole lot of fun, and it also forces you too think about how you look while riding, which helps make it more stylish. Plus putting the time into editing the footage is very rewarding when all the crew sits down to watch the vid for the first time. It’s also a great way to keep a record of your progression.

    I would encourage everyone to do it!

  13. did a bunch of them , but more as a holiday’s memory stuff for me and my friend, than a stuff to work on or to share/show how “good” we are… πŸ˜‰

    but definitly planning to do one a bit more “pro” one day, when the skill will be high enough not to be “ashamed” of it.. πŸ˜‰

    but still, as luke ryan said , we can see a progression from one year to the other…and that is really motivating…

  14. Tyler Kraft says:

    Yeah, but it was shamefully poor! Just good fun holiday memories from a early trip to Bansko with the Missus and mates.

  15. Never before cause I dont have any camera.
    My friends did it for me!

  16. I have. There is a lot of time spent on editing and picking the right music when i make an edit. Also there tends to be a lot of times where i end up doing all the filming. No one else wants to film therefore i hardly end up with a part. The scale is tipped based on the amount of work i put into the footage compared to my friends.

  17. I have not but I have a few filmer and photographer credits.

  18. peter carmliet says:

    Yes i have, with the go pro and some fine software, easy and stylish.
    Always fun to look at the images after a couple of months.

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