Snowboard Trick Tip DVD Giveaway – March 2013

My friend Nev over at likes what we’re doing here at and is hooking our readers up with their kickass snowboard trick tips for FREE 🙂

He’s allowing us to give away 1 free trick tip tutorial dvd to a lucky reader each month and it’s time to give away this month’s trick tip dvd!

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What’s stopped you the most from learning the snowboard tricks you want to learn?

Entries close March 8th 2013. Winner will be randomly selected and announced below on March 9th.

(edit – just did the prize draw, congrats daniel johnson – your name was first out of the hat. We’ve sent you an email now to get your details)

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Any of the following Snowboard Addiction DVD trick tips.

They cover how to spin, ride halfpipe, ride powder, ride rails and boxes and even how to learn flatground buttering tricks:

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If you want more info (and sample videos) of these freestyle trick tips, I’ve written a very detailed review here:

Snowboard Addiction Review – Freestyle Program

Feel free to have a look for yourself and see why they sell over 17,000 snowboard training videos every year 🙂

– Jed

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  1. Daniel Johnson says:

    I hate to say this, but my friends stop me the most. They are always tired, lagging behind or want to go back and eat lunch. I am just like, “You can eat lunch tomorrow! If you’re at the slopes you shouldn’t be doing anything else but boarding.”

    • Congrats Daniel! Your name was first out of the hat (and also lucky first comment it seems), so you’ve won the DVD this month. Sending you an email now to get your details and send you your prize.

  2. I think it’s the lack of time in the mountain. I’m an hour and a half away from the closest mountain. Also my friend and I don’t know how to do the simplest of tricks. All of us failing time after time, their moral starts dropping. They eventually give up and move on

  3. Josh Gray says:

    I think what stops me the most is being scared to try new tricks, or become most frustrated atfer failing too many times. Sometimes I decide to call it a day early because of my frustration. Luckily I am able to push myself the next day and land the trick you wanted to put in the ‘bag of tricks’ if you know what I’m talking about.

  4. For me its mainly looking stupid trying to do them. There’s so many good riders these days, especially in freestyle, that it can be pretty intimidating seeing what people are capable of in the park. Ive had some pretty nasty crashes on boxes (broken wrist, bleeding noses) trying to do things without really knowing what im doing. I had a pretty bad crash in the trees in Canada last year and did some serious damage to my knee. I wonder if i’ll be able to do tricks again; whether my knee can take it. But reading your blog and how you deal with knee trouble yourself and are still stomping tricks has given me the confidence to get back out there. Have had 3 days back on snow after a full year off. No tricks yet but im confident they’ll come.

  5. Matthew Frantz says:

    Have a spine condition which slows my progress very slow and tedious. I can’t afford big bails. I focus more and being a technical rider then throwing tricks. I am jealous of all of you that can. Nice to watch all you guys throw down in the park or random jumps along they way. Keep on shredding!

  6. The fear of breaking something or injuring yourself to the point where you can never snowboard ever again. You can always say at least you did what you loved to do, but how are you gonna feel when you can never ever do what you love ever again? That’s just scary! I mean sure you can ride again if you break an arm or leg, but good luck being able to move ever again if you break your back or neck.

  7. Jaymes Johnson says:

    Being unable to completely visualize the trick in my mind….Or, in this season’s case, not enough proper obstacles to attempt some of the new tricks that I’ve wanted to attempt.

  8. Peter Erdogyaraki says:

    mostly the frustration and fail after some tries.

  9. Mike Bennewitz says:

    I think the biggest obstacle isn’t injuries, since I cracked two ribs a week ago and will be shredding Montana in 3 weeks. It’s not friends, because I am friends with many of the “open to close” park rats. It’s not even college or work because I work at Powder Ridge and have 2 days of class each week. My biggest stopping point is competitions. We usually have rail jam style competitions and with 100+ riders at once in a spot half the bunny hill’s size it gets CROWDED. Plus my biggest pet peeve is that 90% of the competition setup’s are features we can’t make for public park use due to insurance reasons, and if we are lucky to get practice time its like 10 minutes. How do we get good enough to compete with the 10-15 sponsored riders at each competition if we can’t get good practice on a close-out style rail or a jump with 6 stacked plastic barrels with sponsor names that we “bowl” over? Lots of fun…if you are comfortable with it.

  10. pacheco says:

    Fear, but I know it is in between my ears. And fear is progress, that is what I learned from this blog. And wanting to do tricks where I am not ready for but I want to do them. And for this I know also ”babysteps”

  11. I read your stuff every day man!! Really appreciate the tips! Wantin to work on my flat land butters! I’d like to see more stuff on that if. You can! Thanks bro! Happy shredding!

  12. A lack of confidence stops me every time. I have the skills to get myself down a black, I’ve done it a few times accidentally, but I don’t have the confidence in those skills. If I start going too fast, I splash off speed, if I hit something too sloped, I side slip, if I’m anywhere near ice, I drop myself to avoid it, if I see a jump, I go around it. Thing is, I can accidentally cope with it all. But when I have the time to think about it, I lose all confidence.

  13. Kevin D. says:

    In the past it used to be fear, but I managed this over time.
    What is stopping me the most in my freestyle progression is time on the mountain (I have none at all for now, just indoor boarding), and riding alone. It’s better to ride with others that have the same level (or higher) and with the same goals in freestyle.

  14. I don’t have snowboarder friends better than me, so in most of the time I hang with my skier friends. Thanks to the old SA vids I have great tips on tricks, but really lack the feedback of mates.

  15. What really stops me is my confidence to try new stuff. I wouldn’t try new rail tricks because of I don’t want to catch an edge or I don’t want to slip back. Third it’s mostly my friends there is only 4 friends that snowboard and I am one of the better ones

  16. Fear and age slow my progression to a stand still. I’ll be 40 this year and us old guys don’t bounce back as quickly as you young guys do. I have to be cautious because I can’t afford to be hurt, out of work or worse because I tried a backside 5 rodeo without truly knowing what I am doing. I think Nev and his team do great work in breaking down the tricks in a simple progression manner that allows you to gain the confidence necessary to push yourself with the margin for major error being on the small side.

  17. Its true my friends have wanted to have fun riding and not be as focused on improving. Then i ended up snowboarding randomly and not really improving. But the biggest factor for me was not having the proper training before actually attempting a trick. That would lead to getting hurt and being out from boarding all together. But now ive learned how to break tricks down and practice safely. Progression is still slow but there are still some tricks i could use help on breaking down.

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