Snowboard Trick Tip DVD Giveaway – November 2012

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So my friend Nev over at likes what we’re doing here at and is hooking our readers up with their kickass snowboard trick tips for FREE :)

He’s allowing us to give away 1 free trick tip tutorial dvd to a lucky reader each month and it’s time to give away this month’s trick tip dvd!

These are the number #1 selling snowboard trick tips online with over 17,000+ copies sold every year.

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To Enter Do These 2 Things:

1)¬†Click that floating ‘Like‘ button to the left of this blog

2) Leave a comment below answering this question:

How often are you planning to snowboard this winter? (or next winter for you Aussies/NZers)

Entries close November 9th 2012. Winner will be announced below on November 10th.

(edit – Just did the prize draw, congrats to Paul who won this month’s snowboard trick tip dvd!)


Any of the following Snowboard Addiction DVD trick tips.

They cover how to spin, ride halfpipe, ride powder, ride rails and boxes and even flatground buttering tricks:

Snowboard Addiction Trick Tip DVDs

If you want more info (and sample videos) of these freestyle trick tips, I’ve written a VERY detailed review here:

Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Program Review

Feel free to have a look for yourself and see why they sell over 17,000 snowboard training videos every year :)

- Jed

"How To Pick The Perfect Snowboard Setup"
"Grab's Free Snowboard Gear Guide"
25 pages of free tips including how to pick snowboards, bindings, goggles, boots and much more!


  1. I got a pass this year so I’m aiming for 25-30 trips this season. woot!

  2. I am already booked for 2 big snowboarding trips to Whistler and Utah. I will make probably like 3-5 day trips to my local resorts.

  3. Well given my location in Phoenix AZ, I would like to go at least every other weekend. At most, EVERY DAY!!! =D

    • Just did the prize draw and your name was first out of the hat! Congrats Paul :)

      Just sent you an email so we can get your details to send over the DVD.

  4. I’ll have a 5-day trip to Slovakia, but I hope I’ll spend 2-3 weekend on the slopes too.

  5. i’ll plan as more as i can , as i’m moving from france to canada for work…. welcome snowboard’s week ends as much as i can… ;)

  6. Of course as much as possible! Few times a week plus weekend in my local snowparks, and a week or two in real mountains.

  7. Got a week booked in for Japow in February, and then in the Aussie winter, I’m looking at a week at Falls creek. Sadly I’m too far from everything to be able to do multiple trips! About 16 hours to get to Hakuba, or 13 hours to get to Falls. Living in the driest capital city in the driest continent has its downsides!

  8. From England so there aren’t any slopes here so you have to fly somewhere if you want a mountain but we do have indoor facilities here which have freestyle nights every week. So I plan to spend most of my time there and maybe two long weekends away in a freestyle park. A lot of people have said I should save the money and go on more holidays but I’m about regular riding especially when it comes to freestyle.

  9. How often? Every chance I get! The nearest hill is 2.5 hours away, and it’s a pretty crappy one. The only other resort (and the best on the island!) is an 8 hour drive from me…. but it’s SOOO worth it. My friends and I like to pile into a van, road trip out and make an extended weekend out of it, chilling at the Chalet whenever we can’t be on the hill. With that much trouble to go through, you learn to savour everything – every success and every failure.

  10. hey!
    well i just got myself a new rack for my board so plan to hit up the slopes at least every other weekend :)
    id really like this trick tip dvd to help me improve on my skills and better my techniques.

  11. Peter Erdogyaraki says:

    25-30 day like last year :)

  12. Nick Thomas says:

    2-4 trips out of state to Montana or CO, plus a few days at the local hill.

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