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  1. What gets me most excited for snowboarding is those nights when you hear your favourite mountain is getting a dump of snow over night so you wake up super early to catch the first chair to make the first tracks down. Nothing is better then gliding down a powder covered run then looking up the hill and seeing those beautiful turns you just made. :)

  2. What gets me most excited is spending months and months in advance to plan out the most epic snowboard trip ever and praying that when the time comes, there will be pow, massive pow. I love to see it dumping while on the drive to the cabin and looking out the window watching the snow drop. Being restless in bed because you’re too excited to hit the trails the next morning.

  3. That moment, when you get out from the lift after a year of waiting then start to strap in … best feeling ever.

  4. Jordan Greer says:

    The thing that gets me most excited for snowboarding is waking up hella early and being the first person to touch the snow that day with all my friends and family.

  5. It’s that feeling you get in the air, just after leaving the lip of a jump. When you don’k know yet will you land it or not, when time seems to be going 10 times slower. Seeing clearly how you’ll stomp that cool trick with style, and not listening to the survival instinct that yells you’re crazy. Enjoying your flight.

  6. what makes me exited, is when i beggin to dream about it during my sleeps… having perfect jumps, perfect freestyle moves, and dverything goes well…. then i know my full body is waking up for the arriving snow season, and that gives me a lot of energy . :-)

    • Hey Julien, congrats! Your name was the lucky name drawn out of the hat for this month’s snowboard addiction giveaway :)

      Sending you an email now to get your details and prize selection.


  8. First run of the day on an empty run…. I love the lack of sound other than my board crunching across the fresh snow. Silence and peace!

  9. Juliette tran says:

    Knowing that I have a Perisher season pass to use and board all season long!!!

  10. I enjoy pushing my comfort zone to get the most of riding. When you nail a trick you’ve been working on, it helps you forget about all the slams you’ve taken to do it.

  11. Knowing the second I get on the slopes, I am with others who are thinking, doing, and feeling the same way I am…Free!

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