Snowboard Trick Tips & Bad Conditions At Whistler Blackcomb Glacier

A quick update for you guys today on where we’re at with our snowboard trick tips videos and our courses/trainings we have coming up.

1) Recording is done for our snowboard trick tip videos

As you guys know I’m creating a set of 3 trick tip videos for spinning (180s/360s), jibbing (50/50s, boardslides etc), and flatground/butter tricks. These videos will be released as part of our Snowboard Trick Secrets online video tutorials once they’re done.

Everything was filmed up on the spring terrain park at Whistler Blackcomb this month and it was close, but we did manage to film the last batch of clips we needed on the closing day of the spring season. Hooray!

The time limit with the mountain closing was the one thing I was worried about since our film crew is based in Whistler and we had a very limited amount of time to get the clips we needed, so it’s good we got it done on time.

Now that we have the footage it’s a matter of cutting and editing all the video clips together. The goal for the next month is to basically get all 3 trick tip videos edited and released as soon as possible.

When they’re done I’m hoping they’ll be the most comprehensive and detailed snowboard trick tip videos available anywhere.

2) Freeride tutorials delayed

As announced previously, I’m also creating a set of intermediate to advanced snowboard turning/riding tutorials to go with our basic beginner snowboard lessons. These videos will cover things like carving and advanced turning techniques.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to push those tutorials back until the start of next season (Nov/Dec-ish). The reason for this is because of the bad snow conditions on the Whistler Blackcomb glacier this year. It was a rough spring season and what snow we did have was very poor.

I didn’t mind the rough conditions for recording the freestyle tutorials because a jump is a jump, but I wanted the turning tutorials to be on the type of terrain you’d be riding in winter, instead of nasty brown and patchy glacier snow.

So that means I’ve scheduled the intermediate/advanced riding tutorials to be the first project I record/edit when the N. American winter starts at the end of this year.

One more thing…

The public release for our Snowboard Trick Secrets online training is going very well! Those of you already in the program can expect more people joining from the end of this week onwards as they finish up their free lessons and get a chance to join the full VIP area.

My number one goal right now is to finish editing the snowboard trick tip videos to get them released to you guys inside the course, but in between that I’ll see about adding more bonus trainings to the ‘Lowering Chances Of Injury’ section of the training 🙂

– Jed

ps: If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our free snowboard freestyle lessons if you want a chance to join our Snowboard Trick Secrets training group and take your riding to the next level.

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