Tips For Better Snowboard Turning Control – Twist The Discs

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Good turning means you can ride more terrain, ride steeper slopes and have more control going into tricks and runs. This is important because many snowboarders let the board have too much control over how they turn instead of using their body to control and manoeuvre the snowboard.

Here’s a little exercise that many snowboard instructors use to teach turning and snowboard control on the slopes.

Twist the discs

This exercise focuses on driving the mid to bottom section of your body into the turn to help you turn better and turn your board instead of having the snowboard turn you.

1) As you start turning, as always, turn from the top down. This means look where you want to turn, then let your body turn from head to shoulders to hips to knees to ankles.

2) As you start to turn at your hips pretend that the discs in the bindings of your snowboard are loose and that you’re trying to ‘twist the discs’ of your bindings in the direction of the turn.

This simply means, if you’re turning toeside, you’re trying to turn your binding disks toeside as well. The trick to this step is to work from your hips first.

Use your hips to allow you to twist your knees which in turn allow you to twist your ankles and feet in the direction of the turn.

3) Every time you turn, pretend you’re trying to really twist those discs. The harder you twist your hips into the turn the more you’re able to then twist your knees and your ankles and feet.

That’s it. It’s a simple, but great exercise to get yourself into the habit of forcing yourself to twist and really work your body into those turns. When you master this exercise, you’ll find yourself controlling how you turn instead of being pushed around by your own snowboard.

Just remember, turn from the top of your body to the bottom. Head > shoulders > hips > knees > ankles + feet.

– Jed

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  1. A. Nony Mouse says:

    I had a little trouble understanding and visualizing your instructions for this tip. I believe the motions you are describing are the same or similar to something an instructor told me during a lesson.

    In order to “twist” the board and get it to initiate and work with my turns, I was told to flex or bring my knees inward, (…move them towards ea. other.) for my toe side turns, and flex them outward, (…push them away from ea. other.) for my heel side turns.

    Is this basically what you are talking about with this exercise?

    • LegoPirat says:

      When initiating a turn, one knee is going inward and another outward and vice versa. For me the best and the easiest technique is to initiate the turn, top to bottom style, but the main accent is on my ankles

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