Where Did Snowboarding Come From – “We Ride”

We all love snowboarding (if you don’t you’re on the wrong site), but how many of us know about the history of snowboarding and where it came from? We’re a relatively new sport, but A LOT has changed from the early days of snowboarding.

Snowboarding has come a long way from that strange new hobby that was banned at every ski resort to the widely recognized sport that helps fuel the snow sports industry today.

We Ride – The Story Of Snowboarding

Recently, Burn Energy released this full length documentary on the history of snowboarding and it’s pretty fascinating. If you’re a keen boarder, this is one movie I’d highly recommend checking out.

The movie is 100% free to watch, so here it is:

– Jed

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  1. Jed this video is amazing! I got cut off by a skier who decided to sit and eat lunch in the run out area of a HUGE hip jump I hit on Friday February 22nd, I stuck my heels in and my board sidecut “slingshot” me into a 4″ wide rail. I ended up with broken ribs and torn muscles/ligaments. But this video is EXACTLY what I needed to stay pumped up for my trip to Montana in a month! (Yes I am going wether I am in pain or not, powder and mountains is worth every painkiller haha)

    • Ouch, sorry to hear about the accident, but I’m glad to help keep you motivated.

      Just be careful with those injuries, you definitely don’t want to make it worse and complicate things down the line. I’ve had my own share of torn ligament surgeries and they’re definitely not something I wish on any other snowboarder.

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