How To Spot Good Snowboard/Ski Trick Tips

Alright, we all know I love Snowboard Addiction trick tips, but there’s a reason I’m showing that trick tip above. Keep the above video in mind when reading the rest of this blog. Okay, on to the question:

How do I tell if the tips I’m reading are good? How do I know they’ll help me to become a better rider?

I’ve covered this a little in my ‘Most Trick Tips Suck‘ blog, but I’ll go into it a little more now. There’s a lot of junk out there so how do you tell if it’s really good?

It’s not about information it’s about presentation

Information is important, but any really good snowboarder has the information in their head. Any pro knows how to do a 360, but as we’ve seen in many bad snowboard magazine trick tips, they aren’t always able to explain it to you properly.

Information is useless to you if it doesn’t help you reach your goal. What’s important is the presentation of the information. A good trick tip or technique will eliminating confusion and present it in a clear manner that will enable you to reach your goal.

So how is a good trick tip / technique presented?

A really good, top end explanation always presents information using a majority of these 4 methods. This is because people need to see information in multiple forms to really understand it and put it to use.

Why – Teaches what you’ll gain from the trick tip as well as what hazards you’ll avoid

What – Teaches you the concepts of why this works and what is the science behind the tips and techniques

How – Step by step instructions that take you through each step of the technique in detail

What If – Teaches an immediate task you can do to become better, right away. Teaches learning by doing.

These 4 methods are the difference between a trick tip that’s useful like tips, or trick tips that suck like the random tips in magazines that tell you about the trick without any useful info. Look at the video above and see how many of these areas it covers 😉

Remember: A trick tip is only as good as the results you can get from it.

One last thing

Don’t buy anything that promises insane results without offering you proof or reliable testimonials from people you trust. One of the most faked parts of marketing is customer testimonials and you should always look for reputable testimonials over random ‘John Doe’ type comments.

Happy riding!

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