How To Stay Motivated To Learn New Tricks

We’ve all had that sudden burst of motivation to go out there and learn new snowboard tricks, but ended up losing that motivation after the first day or two.

It’s especially difficult to stay motivated when conditions and situations aren’t ideal and your body hurts.

So how do we stay motivated? Well, here’s one tactic I use.

Find that motivation, keep it and use it.

1) Find that thing that motivates you to reach that goal

Ask yourself, what is your goal? Is it to land a 360? Hit a big jump? What motivates you to do that? Why do you want to reach that goal?

Is your motivation the friend who you really want to keep up with? Or maybe the friends who don’t think you can do it? Or maybe the turtle you flushed down the toilet?

It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to motivate you.¬†Find that something that really fires you up and makes you think “Yeah, I’m going to go out today and destroy that mountain and nothing’s going to stop me.”

It only has to make sense to you.

For example, I get motivated to land new tricks by friends who are better than me and by my own weird need to prove to myself that I can do it. That and I also get weird enjoyment from crashing and slowly figuring new tricks out.

2) Keep that motivation around and use it.

Whatever that motivation is, keep it around you. If it’s a photo, pin it up on your door so you see it every time you go out. If it’s a snowboard video clip, keep it open on your computer. If it’s a dvd, leave it in the dvd player and watch it before each ride.

If it’s something not physical, is there something physical or visual that reminds you of this motivation? Use it.

I’ve never met or heard of any exceptional athlete (not just snowboarders) that succeeded without something close to them that motivated them every single day.

Whether it’s their pure competitive drive or a simple need to accomplish certain goals, it’s those little motivational things that they keep close to their chest that get them up early in the morning and keeps them out practicing even when the conditions suck.

Find that for you and keep reminders of it. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be related to snowboarding.

Even if it’s a photo of your grandma who’s the greatest granny in the world and would like nothing more than to see you stomp epic 360s, that’s motivation you need to keep around you.

The final part:

Use that motivation and combine it with your love for snowboarding and you’ve got a winning combination that’s 100 times more potent than 50 Red Bulls. Balance that element of fun with that motivation that makes you want to improve and learn new snowboard tricks.

So, what’s your motivation?

– Jed

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  1. The feeling of the flight itself. It is something that is not readily present in our everyday lives. Obviously, it only happens when you jump properly and get that good air as a result.

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