Stop Falling – How To Improve Your Snowboarding Stability

Here’s another simple exercise you can use if you find yourself feeling unstable and falling easily when snowboarding.

You guys liked the last few exercise I stole from my former coaches, so I thought I’d show you one more exercise.

This exercise doesn’t have an proper name, but for the sake of this blog I’m going to call it ‘Hop hop’ for absolutely no other reason than because it rolls off the tongue and is fun to say.

One of my coaches taught me this exercise early on when I was still getting comfortable on a snowboard and I found it useful so hopefully you’ll find it useful too.

Alright, on to how to do it.

How to increase stability by doing the ‘Hop Hop’

The purpose of this exercise is to make you feel comfortable with balancing and stabilizing yourself on the snowboard as you ride.

This helps if you’re finding yourself getting pushed around and easily thrown off balance by ruts and other dips/obstacles in the snow.

How to do it:

1) Ride as you normally would down a simple green run.

2) Turn as you normally would, except this time you’re going to add a hop in between each turn. The green ‘x’ in the diagram below shows where you’ll be hopping after each turn.

Hop Exercise

3) After each turn, crouch down low on both feet as if you’re about to jump

4) When you reach the ‘x’ position, hop off both feet

5) Aim to land on both feet and absorb the landing with both feet – make sure you use your lower body to absorb the landing by bending your knees as your land.

6) Turn and repeat at the next ‘x’

As you can probably see, it’s simply a hop in between each turn. So you’ll be going Turn > Hop > Turn > Hop.

The more you get used to landing and stabilizing yourself before and after each hop, the more comfortable and balanced you’ll start to become.

Hope this helps your riding!

– Jed

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  1. Can you post a blog about getting off chairlifts? I simply cannot get off the chairlifts without falling. It is so frustrating. I think I have psyched myself out and just succumbed to the fact that I will fall every single time I get off the lift. Can you help this newbie boarder? 🙂

  2. Alex Schumacher says:

    Hi, I’ve been snowboarding twice before, my first time with lessons and second time without. However, when I started the snowboard I rented was put as goofy (right food foward) and I was not sure why, when my instructor commented on it, I was not left foot foward. The second time I went boarding, last year, I was hopeless and changed back to skiing. Now I wonder if it might have been because I was goofy because when I do the goofy or regular tests, all if the results point to the fact that I should be regular. Not sure if I should try going regular again thus year as I am great at skiing and want to be good at boarding also! Please help any advise as to what I should do would be much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Definitely give regular a try. If I have to rent I always tell them exactly how I want it set up. For a beginner I would tell them you want it Regular and Duck. Regular, as you know, will put your left foot forward. Duck will indicate that you want your feet set up like a V which is usually a little more stable for beginners.

      Great exercise Jed. I’m definitely going to be using this one.

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