Why You’re Going To Get Stuck In Your Snowboarding

Snowboarder fallingEver started working on your snowboard freestyle or learning a new trick and made a bit of progress only to suddenly hit a wall and not improve no matter how hard you try?

This is normal.

Why you’re going to get stuck in your snowboarding

The fact is, EVERYONE hits that learning wall in their snowboarding. Studies have been done that show learning in almost every single area of life has the same learning pattern that goes like this:

  • Stage 1 – Quick initial burst of success
  • Stage 2 – Immediate drop in results after initial success
  • Stage 3 – Gradual improvement as you get more understanding of the technique and try to adapt
  • Stage 4 – Plateau (no improvement for a portion of time)
  • Stage 5 – Things click and you start to see results from your work.

If you’ve been reading this snowboard blog for a long time, this will sound familiar because I’ve described stage 5 as the ‘sticking point’ where the rainclouds disappear and you suddenly find yourself able to do the trick you’ve been stuck on for so long.

Why I’m telling you this and why this is good for your snowboarding

Not knowing whether you’re improving is a horrible feeling. I know because I’ve been there too.

It’s the worst feeling being stuck and thinking “crap, I suck! I should be getting this! Am I even improving?” Well, don’t feel like that because now you know that this is 100% normal and you ARE improving even if you don’t see it.

Don’t stop when you plateau because even though you aren’t seeing results, your hard work IS working and it’s just a matter of keeping at it until you push past that initial roadblock.

Now you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that if you keep working at it you WILL see results.

– Jed

ps – Sorry for the short blog, but I’m sick so I’m going to keep today’s blog short and to the point (I think short and sweet is better anyway :p). I somehow got ill in the middle of snowboarding and nearly threw up in the middle of a run… fun times!

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  1. I’m not sure what you mean by “plateau”? Do you mean that you can land a trick, but not all the time, not always as stylish and your confidence is not 100%?

    P.S.: Almost melting the snow hey? Rest well 😉

    • Yeah, basically that whole stage where you get the trick, but can’t do it consistently yet. There’s a lot of back and forth where one day you land it 5 times, one day you can’t land it properly etc etc.

      A lot of people get stuck there, so that’s what I refer to as the ‘plateau’ in snowboard freestyle.

      • Ps – I added the code so you can now subscribe to comments like you wanted.

        • Next time when I’m thinking: “Damn I already landed that trick several times, why did it fail this time?” I will remember the “plateau” 😉
          The idea behind it is actually: “Always keep pushing forward, even if you think you’re already there”.

          P.S.: Thank you Jed. It makes following blog conversations that much easier.

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