The Lie About Snowboard Trick Tips

Firstly, hi… I’m still alive, I’ve just been busy behind the scenes with our private snowboard freestyle members answering questions and adding more video tutorials to our members only trick tip tutorial library (if you’re not a member you can check our some free video lessons and join here). I did record episode 2 of [...]

Where To Look & Focus When Hitting Snowboard Jumps

Here’s where you should be focusing during straight airs and during your first snowboard jumps to stay balanced and stable in the air.

Burton Free Full Length Movie Final Part – RESORT

Here’s the final part of Burton’s free snowboard movie, and also a little surprise for our Snomie members.

How Long Does It Take For Snowboard Freestyle To ‘Click’?

Here’s why snowboarding is like lego and how every every trick ends up ‘clicking’ together.

5 Rookie Mistakes Every Freestyle Snowboarder Makes

Our free snowboard lesson 2 is going out today. Check your inboxes (or sign up if you aren’t on our free training list).

Nike’s ‘Never Not’ Part 2 – 48 min Free Snowboard Movie

Who doesn’t love a well produced, kickbutt and free full-length snowboard movie? Here’s Nike’s ‘Never Not’ Part 2, released on YouTube at last!

How To Build Confidence To Hit Your First Snowboard Jumps

Here’s how you build up your confidence and technique to hit your first snowboard jump.

4 Free Snowboard Flatground Trick Tip Tutorials

Here are 4 free snowboard flatground trick tip tutorials and a ton of other snowboard videos and training.

How To Land Backside 180 On A Snowboard

Here’s a breakdown of how to fix your snowboard technique on a backside 180 to land smoothly without over-rotating the spin.

How To Get Confident With Snowboard Backflips

Here’s the steps you need to take to build up your confidence and aerial awareness to master backflips on a snowboard.