Why Your Snowboard 180 Spins Aren’t Smooth

Welcome to a new video series where I take footage from my Snomie VIP member’s group and breakdown a key mistake in their technique and how to fix it. This week we’re looking at 180s! How to make your 180s buttery smooth and stylish: Extra notes: I will say, it’s not strictly *wrong* to use [...]

The Lie About Snowboard Trick Tips

Firstly, hi… I’m still alive, I’ve just been busy behind the scenes with our private snowboard freestyle members answering questions and adding more video tutorials to our members only trick tip tutorial library (if you’re not a member you can check our some free video lessons and join here). I did record episode 2 of [...]

The Better Way To Learn Snowboarding

Snomie.com as you know it will be ending. If you want to keep getting our snowboard tips and lessons, you’ll want to read this.

Why I’m Quitting Daily Snowboard Blogging

Things are changing at Snomie, but it’s for the best.

Where To Look & Focus When Hitting Snowboard Jumps

Here’s where you should be focusing during straight airs and during your first snowboard jumps to stay balanced and stable in the air.

What’s The Best Snowboard Base – Sintered Vs Extruded Bases

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around snowboard bases and which base does what, so let’s clear it up: The breakdown: 1) Sintered snowboard base Unlike what some people may say, most sintered bases are actually more durable than extruded bases. In fact, sintered bases for more durable, faster and on the whole [...]

Can You ‘Sell Out’ In Snowboarding?

Here’s why some companies are selling out the right way and some are doing things wrong.

Snowboard Turning Tips – Why You’re Fighting Your Own Turn

Most beginners make this mistake and fight against their own turns. This is how you turn your snowboard correctly without ruining your own turn.

What Happens When Misinformed Snowboarders Meet The Internet

This hurt my brain a little. Ps – this is who is giving you snowboard advice on the internet… be warned.

How Long More Will You Be Able To Snowboard?

Here’s a question you have to answer because the stats aren’t on your side.