3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Snowboard Balance Without Snowboarding

Today’s reader question:

Do you have any tips for improving my balance while I’m at home?

There are a few ways that I work and improve my balance from home.

I used each of these 3 methods while re-learning to walk and re-gaining my balance skills after my knee surgeries, so I know that work (and I continue to use them to this day).

1) Add a bosu ball to your normal leg exercises

This is a Bosu ball:

Bosu Ball

You can take nearly all your basic leg exercises and stick a bosu ball into the workout to make it a balance exercise.

For example, one exercise that I usually incorporate into my routine is a one leg lunges with a bosu ball. I simply place my forward leg onto the bosu ball while I carry weights and lunge forward like normal.

If you want to do more athletic building balance exercises there are also a ton of drills you can do involving jumping on and off bosu balls.

Basically, in all the exercise routines and the balance rehab training that I’ve done with gym trainers, bosu ball exercises were always standard in basically every single balance improvement workout that I’ve ever been given.

2) Yoga – it’s not just for girls

I know most guys refuse to do yoga, but it’s amazing for balance and stability training and a lot harder than it looks. Yoga works on a whole different set of stability and control muscles than traditional workouts, which is why it’s awesome for balance training.

To this day I still credit yoga as one of the few workouts that was able to strengthen the stabilizer and balancing muscles in my post-ACL surgery leg.

Plus yoga girls are usually in good shape… just saying.

3) Build your own practice jib

One of my favourite tools is a simple wooden jib rail that you can build yourself. You can strap into your snowboard and literally hop onto the rail to practice all sorts of snowboard balance tricks and techniques.

It’s a great way to train and improve the same balance techniques that you’d have to use for all sorts of different snowboard rail tricks.


Practice Jib Box

Here’s how you build your own practice jib box: How to build a snowboard practice jib box

So those are the 3 basic things I do for working on my balance off the ski slopes. Hope that answers your question!

– Jed

ps – you can also build your own balance beam. One of our readers built one himself and he sent over some photos and instructions, so I’ll have a blog up detailing ‘how to build your own balance beam’ up in the next week sometime.