Setting Up Your Snowboard For Powder Riding

This blog and the next blog will be covering powder riding. Thanks to Ewan Malone for suggesting this blog topic! – Jed

Just another powder day in Whistler!

Just another powder day in Whistler!

There’s big powder days coming, so how do you setup your snowboard to ride powder? It’s a very simple step that shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Setting your stance for powder riding

When you’re riding powder, you usually put more weight on your back foot to keep your nose up, so lets setup your stance to make it a little easier on your back foot.

Note: You can only do this if you aren’t at a maxed out width for your snowboard.

What to do:

1) Unscrew your bindings, taking note of your current stance width and angles.

2) Move both your front and back binding towards the tail.

I usually move my bindings back one or two sets of holes. Make sure you keep the same stance width that you’re using currently.

Snowboard setback stance for powder

Note: If you’re not sure what stance width is, you can check out our guide here: Stance width

That’s it! It’s a simple step to help keep your nose up in deep powder. Check in for our next blog where I’ll cover some simple techniques for riding in powder.

Happy shredding!

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  1. Hey Jed,
    I will buy a Malavita Silversmith or Blacksmith but there is one thing that i m curious about:Which color will show tear and scratch more than the other? metallic white or kinda matte black?

    • White will probably show wear slower, but honestly it doesn’t matter. Tears and scratches are like a badge of honour for your snowboard gear.

      If you aren’t getting your snowboard gear a little dirty and worn out over time, you aren’t using it properly.

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