Top 10 Highest Paid Snowboarders & Skiers

These were the highest paid snow athletes based on last known figures from 2009 and 2010. These numbers are a best estimate based on their last known prize winnings, sponsorships and bonuses.

Notable athletes missing from this list:

Jon Olsson – It’s reported that he may earn over $1 Mil per year but we were unable to confirm how much of his income is actually from skiing or ski related companies.

The Top 10:

Shaun White

photo by Veronica Belmont

1 : Shaun White – $8 million

It’s no surprise for anyone to see Shaun White at the top of this list. He’s arguably the most successful competitive snowboarder ever, with 16 Winter X Games medals (11 golds), 2 Olympic gold medals and 1 Summer X-Games gold medal.  Not to mention he has his own clothing line with Target as well as many lucrative sponsorship deals with big names like Burton, Oakley and Red Bull.
How much does he earn now? I’d estimate that he’s probably earning over $10 million a year after winning the 2010 Olympics and adding tire company BF Goodrich to his impressive list of sponsors.

Lindsey Vonn

photo by Keith Hinkle

2: Lindsey Vonn – $3 Million

With an impressive list of results which include 2 Olympic medals (1 gold), 5 World Championship medals (2 gold), and 3 back-to-back World Cup titles, Lindsey Vonn is the most successful female American skier in the competition’s history.
Her large income is thanks primarily to large sponsorship deals with big companies such as Red Bull, Oakley and Head Skis. Furthermore, she is highly marketable and has appeared in magazines such as Sports Illustrated.

Ted Ligety

Photo by Christian Jansky

3: Ted Ligety – $2 Million

With 3 World Cup titles and an Olympic Gold medal in 2006, Ted Ligety is one of Americas most successful alpine ski racers.

His large income is partly from his large corporate sponsors such as Audi and Rossignal (he has since then moved to Head Skis). and partly from his own goggle company, Shred Optics.

Photo by: VanCityAllie


4: Torah Bright – $1.5 Million

Torah Bright is one of the most successful female snowboard pipe riders in the sport with over 4 X-Games medals (2 golds) and a gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Thanks to her marketable appearance and great results, she’s been able to secure highly paid sponsorships such as her head-to-toe sponsorship with Roxy.

Bode Miller

Photo by: Christian Jansky


5: Bode Miller – $1.3 Million

He’s the most successful American alpine skier of all time with 4 World Championships, 5 Olympic medals (1 gold) and wins in all 5 categories of downhill alpine racing.

Miller is most noted for his controversy over referring to the Winter Olympics as a “party”. However, he has successfully turned his fame and controversy into lucrative sponsorship deals with companies such as Nike and Head Skis.

Next we have a 6 way tie!

Travis Rice

photo by: Caitee Smith


6: Travis Rice – $1 Million

He’s come a long way from the 18 year old who couldn’t get any sponsors. Known for his raw style and insane all round ability, Travis Rice is now one of the highest paid snowboarders in the business with high paying sponsorship deals with companies like Quiksilver and Red Bull.

In particular, Rice has become one of the most recognised snowboarders in the business thank to co-producing highly regarded snowboard movies such as “That’s it, That’s all.”

I’d estimate that his actual current income exceeds $1.25-1.5 Million.

Danny Kass

Photo by US Army

7: Danny Kass – $1 Million

Danny Kass dominated the snowboard pipe scene in the pre Shaun White era. He’s known for his smooth back to back 1080s and his crazy unique tricks and style.

Starting from 2001, he has been able to amount 4 US Open wins, 7 Winter X-Games medals and 2 Olympic silver medal. Kass has been able to use his fame to build his own successful glove company, Grenade Gloves, which accounts for a nice chunk of his income.

Lindsey Jacobellis

Photo by VanCityAllie


8: Lindsey Jacobellis – $1 Million

Lindsey Vonn is most well known for her showboating incident in th 2006 Winter Olympics snowboard cross event, which ultimately cost her the gold medal. Despite this failure, Lindsey has been dominant in the snowboard cross world with 9 Winter X-Games medals (7 golds) since 2003.

Thanks to great endorsement deals with companies like Visa, Vonn has been able to edge her way into this top 10 list.

Gretchen Bleiler

photo by VanCityAllie


9: Gretchen Bleiler – $1 Million

Gretchen Bleiler is one of the most dominant female snowboard pipe riders in the sport. With 5 Winter X-Games medals (4 gold) and a silver medal from the 2006 Winter Olympics, her competition record is on par with Torah Bright.

Thanks to her highly marketable looks and her amazing ability in the halfpipe, she’s signed high earning sponsorships with companies like Oakley, K2 Snowboards and AT & T.

Hannah Teter

10: Hannah Teter – $1 Million

Yet another amazing female halfpipe snowboarder in this list. Her biggest wins include 5 Winter X-games medals, a gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics and a silver in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Her excellent results have given her sponsorship deals with companies like Burton, Anon and Samsung.

Maria Riesch

photo by Christian Jansky

11: Maria Holf-Riesch – $1 Million

Yes I know there’s more than 10 but we didn’t expect this 6 way tie!

Maria Holf-Riesch is a highly successful alpine ski racer. A close friend of Lindsey Vonn, she’s also one of Lindsey’s biggest rivals.

Coming away with 2 gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics, we can safely guess that she currently earns more than her last estimated income of $1 Mil.

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