Top Snowboard Bindings For 2012/2013

Okay so I know I’ve made a snowboard gear guide that tells people how to pick snowboard gear, but I also know most people are lazy and don’t want to do the research themselves.

With end of season gear sales ramping up, I’m getting more and more questions related to gear choices, so I thought I’ll take one step out for you guys and just tell you what I’d recommend as far as snowboard gear goes, and today we’ll start with bindings.

These are the bindings I’d look at buying if I were buying new bindings this season:

1) K2 Formula

K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 2012/13

The K2 Formula have been my go-to bindings for several years now for a good reason. They ride everything I want to ride.

They’re great all-round bindings with a nice flex that I find works for riding everything from powder to park to rails.

The only downside of them in the past was that they didn’t have canted footbeds, but they’ve since put canted footbeds into them, so I don’t really have anything negative to say about these bindings.

They’re well priced (not too pricy, not budget end) without gimmicky features that you don’t need and offer great all-mountain performance with flex that’s not too stiff and not too flexible.


NOW IPO Snowboard Bindings

I’ll tell you a secret – I actually keep my binding straps done up with a tiny bit of give in my ankle straps. I do this because it lets my ankles flex a little when I steer my snowboard and I prefer the feeling of controlling my board when I flex my ankles.

Maybe it’s because I used to skateboard… I don’t know, but either way the NOW IPO incorporates a brand new skateboard like kingpin that basically has that ankle flex built into the binding.

After trying it out earlier this season I’m convinced and the technology does work. I really do like these bindings. They’re the first bindings to tempt me away from my good old K2 Formulas and that’s saying something.

I’d highly recommend giving them a go yourself because they really impressed me.

One more thing…

Remember, these are my preference, so I still recommend trying bindings out for yourself if you can.

However, if you’re not in a position to try different bindings out, I’d highly recommend these bindings to any snowboarder looking for something that can ride pretty much anything.

– Jed

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  1. Hi!

    What do you think about Flow bindings – the ones that open from the back?


    • They’re good. The thing is a lot of bindings are good, but it’s the small things that make me prefer K2 Formulas over a lot of other bindings.

      Don’t let that stop you though. If you prefer the feel of Flow bindings over K2 Formulas go for it. Some of the Flow bindings are very nice overall bindings, I just happen to prefer the K2 Formulas.

  2. Kevin D. says:

    I’m riding with Rome 390’s for 2 years now, and they feel amazing. The ankle strap is super comfortable. With my old bindings I loosened it up to give enough flex. In the 390’s I can crank them down as hard as possible (toe and ankle), without the slightest amount of pressure and it still flexes amazingly well. I don’t know what the material is inside the ankle strap, but it feels like some sort of silicone (like a wrist support for keyboard or computer mouse). And I got them at 50% off! 🙂

    The “right” binding has a lot to do with your type of riding and especially boot shape. And something I noticed is you have to fully adjust the binding to get the maximum out of it: centred position towards the length axis, heelhoop depth, highback rotation, forward lean, ankle strap position. At first I thought it wouldn’t be noticeable, but now I know better. 😉

    • I actually do like the Rome 390s. Good overall binding, although I preferred the straps on the K2s more.

      Your right, as I always say, preference plays a big part in what each rider likes, that’s why I always say if possible it’s best to get out there and try it for yourself to develop that preference.

  3. Hi Jed, very useful advice! I’m just about to pick new boots and bindings, which boots would match the K2s?

    • Honestly the best boots are the boots that fit your feet. Don’t worry about matching brands or whatever, brand isn’t as important as making sure they fit you well.

      Try on as many boots as you can to find the perfect fit. If you haven’t already, go download our snowboard gear guide ( and there’s a whole section on getting boots.

      The main thing is I’d buy the boots first then bring them with you when you buy bindings. This way you can make sure you pick the right sized binding by sticking the boots into the bindings at the shop.

      • Kevin D. says:

        Very good advice, I was going to say the same.

        The combination Foot-Boot is the most important one. And since you can’t go out and buy new feet you have to focus on buying the right boot. If there is something wrong with the link Foot-Boot, then all the rest doesn’t matter anymore (Boot-Binding and Binding-Board).

        If you have all the boots, all the bindings and all the board to choose from, then there will probably be 1-5% boots that fit your foot perfectly, 50% bindings that fit your boots perfectly, and 99% boards that fit your bindings perfectly (that 1% is EST :p).
        It’s not really like that but you get the drift.

  4. ashwinearl says:

    One thing you didn’t touch on in your gear guide was aftermarket footbeds for boots. The stock sock liners that come with almost all boots are worthless. DownUnders, superfeet, sole and others are a worthy investment to improve performance. I finally had some custom Instaprint ones made after years of foot pain even with aftermarket insoles.

    • Good catch, I should probably add that to the boot section as a note.

      I agree, my custom superfeet are one of my best investments ever.

  5. I am riding the NOW IPO. I wasn’t sure before riding them whether they were up to all the hype, but I was totally blown away by how good they are. Doubt that I will go back to anything else.

    The only thing I would wish for is a canted footbed. With that, they would be perfect.

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