The Most Underrated Snowboard Jacket Feature

With end of season sales coming up in a couple months (heck – some places are already doing decent discounts on current season gear) and with my old jacket starting to wear down after several seasons, I can’t help but think about the one feature I wish I had on my current jacket.

Thumb loops. Man I wish I had thumb loops on my current jacket.

Jacket thumb loop

Don’t get me wrong, I love the jacket I have now and it’s held up insanely well considering I’ve had it for a good 2-3 seasons now, but man… I wish it had thumb loops like all my previous jackets.

Why jacket thumb loops are highly underrated

The fact is thumb loops stop a lot of snow going down your jacket. They’re connected to the inside of your jacket and cover the gap between your glove and the jacket. This means you don’t leave a huge gap above your wrists which is exposed to snow when you fall/do a huge powder slash.

I never thought much of them in the past because I happened to always have them in the jackets I wore, until my current jacket. Now I find that my hands don’t get cold from lack of insulation, but rather because they got wet from snow that found it’s way inside my gloves when I bailed on a trick.

I’m not saying it’s a make or break feature, but with so many gloves going low-profile as the standard design, a lot of people aren’t buying gloves that have the large guantlet powder cuffs around the wrist.


Pow Stealth Glove

It’s insane how much more snow gets into my low-profile, pipe style gloves without thumb loops in my jacket. I find myself shaking out my gloves constantly after a lap in the park or while sitting on the chairlift.

So yeah… just going to say it again… thumb loops are awesome. Easily one of the most underrated jacket features if you’re a fan of low-profile gloves.

– Jed

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  1. hi jed,

    look for the oakley jackets…

    i’ve try different jacket since i’m riding and that’s the 3rd jacket i got from them :
    but go for the top product of the whole brand. they put many different technical little things that i couldn’t buy a jacket without thel now.
    like the thumb loop and the use of magnet instead of scratch over the totally waterproof zip.
    beside the fact that they are very warm and totally wind blocking, on some season, the look totally rock too.
    each one of them lasted me at least 4 years…
    have a look, you might find a production that you will never left behind you anymore… 😉

    cheers mate…

    ps : by the way , manage to arrive on the est side of canada, discovering a new life, working hard to have some spear time to go riding around montreal and try all the park that they got… ( actually that the only thing they got, beside street.. 😉 no mountain.. but america is not far, gonna have to try that too… ) ++

    • Funny enough my puffy jacket for just general wear is an Oakley with thumb loops and some nice features. I’d definitely agree, Oakley make some very nice jackets.

      Definitely going to have to look at Oakley, among other brands when the end of season sales hit.

      Yeah definitely worth checking out the resorts around N. America, although I’ve heard Montreal is a really nice city to live.

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