How To Wash Your Snowboard Jacket, Pants & Outerwear

Your snowboard pants and jacket will start to stink if you snowboard regularly without washing them so here’s how you keep them clean without wrecking the waterproofing of your outerwear.

The myths of washing snowboard jacket & pants:

  • You can’t wash your gear in the washing machine (false)
  • You can’t use a dryer (false – you can use a dryer as long as the clothing label says it’s fine)
  • You have to dry clean your outerwear (false – don’t do this!)

What to use for washing your snowboard jacket, pants & outerwear:

If you have outerwear without down (eg – shell jacket or pants with just a layer of waterproof material), you need Nikwax Tech Wash instead of detergent (this cleans your outerwear without ruining the waterproofing like normal soap would):

Nikwax Tech Wash - Washing Snowboard Jacket & Pants

If you have a jacket with down insulation, you need to use a down specialized cleaner, so instead of Tech Wash, you’ll want Nikwax Down Wash:

Washing Snowboard Puffy Jacket - Nikwax Down Wash

How to restore waterproofing to your snowboard jacket, pants and outerwear:

You’ll be able to wash your snowboard jacket and pants about 5-8 times with the above items before it starts to lose it’s waterproofing, and this is when you’ll need this:

Nikwax TX Direct Wash - Snowboard Jacket / Pants Re-Waterproof

You simply use this instead of the tech wash / down wash and it restores the waterproofing of your snowboard outerwear.

How to dry your snowboard jacket, pants & outerwear after washing:

Yes, you can put your jacket/pants/outerwear in the tumble dryer on a low setting as long as it’s not flammable (check the label, but most snowboard outerwear is fine to put in the dryer).

– Jed

ps: Yep, some blogs topics are repeated as I re-do some of them and add video content for them 🙂

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  1. Nice video! Getting ready for the season here in Japan so this helped a bunch. Be careful of the typhoon, it should be hitting this week!

  2. hey jed!

    first of all, thank you for this website. it delivers a lot of useful infos on snowboarding and is a fun place to look every now and then! thank you!

    but this is the first time i think i have to add something to your post. The wash in is not suiteable for all kinds of jackets/pants. the bad thing about this wash-in is, that it makes the jacket/pants water-repellent from the inside as well. this effect only appears on 3-layered or 2-/ 2,5-layerd clothes and wont come out noticably on clothes with inner lining. so i always recommend using a spray on water-repellent on 2, 2,5 and 3-layered clothes.

    i hope this doesn’t sound cocky or something as my english isnt that good. i just wanted to share some knowledge^^.

    thanks and i am looking forward to new videos this season!
    take care and have a nice 13/14 season, jed!

  3. It might be worth mentioning that conditioner is terrible on waterproof clothes and destroys the layer that keeps the water out. Before you put your snowboard gear in the washing machine it would be best to put through a cycle with no clothes and especially no conditioner preferably at a high temperature so that the machine clears all the remnants from previous normal washes.

  4. Thanks Jed, really helpful. It seems like I’ve been doing it wrong until now…(drycleaning)

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