Do You Need A Waxing Iron For Snowboard Waxing?

Dakine Waxing Iron

Do you need a waxing iron for snowboard waxing?

Today’s reader question:

Do I need a waxing iron for my snowboard? Is there anything wrong with using a normal iron?

Nope you don’t need a special waxing iron. A regular iron works absolutely fine. If you’re after a cheap iron you can find them at many second hand stores.

That said, I do use a snowboard specific waxing iron, but that’s mostly because it came with the wax kit I bought (review here: Dakine Super Tune Review). I’ve used tons of normal, house irons in the past and they worked absolutely fine.

Unless you’re a racer or a waxing specialist that handles waxing for high end competitions, you don’t need a waxing iron. If you do need any guides on waxing, we have all our waxing guides and tips here: Snowboard waxing & tuning guides

Hope that helps!

– Jed

ps: if you use a normal iron, don’t fill up the water section for the steam, obviously you don’t need steam for waxing snowboards 😉

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