Waxing & Tuning Your Snowboard/Ski Gear

Waxing and tuning your snowboard/ski gear

So, you’ve spent the time to pick the right gear and equipment, now you need to know how to take care of it. Waxing and tuning your snowboard gear is an important step to taking care of your equipment.

Here are a few reasons you should be waxing and tuning your snowboard & ski gear:

  • Your gear will last longer
  • Your gear will perform better
  • You’ll be able to set-up your gear for the exact type of riding you want to do

Here is a list of simple, easy to follow guides that will take you through the steps of waxing and tuning your ski & snowboard gear:

Waxing tutorials:

Base repair / p-texing tutorials:

Edge repair and tuning:

Binding angles, adjustments and width:

Boot adjustments and fixes:

Clothing and outerwear maintainance:

If there are any other tuning and maintenance guides that you’d like, let me know and I can add them. Happy tuning!