Workouts For Snowboarding & Skiing – Avoid Injuries & Ride Longer


Andrew S. sent us a great question:

What are some good workouts for snowboarding that I can do at home?

Good question! A strong body can mean you not only ride better, but it also helps you prevent torn ligaments and other injuries.

The problem with most routines is that not everyone wants to pay high gym fees and hire personal trainers to make a workout for them.

Strength Training Workout

Here’s a great free workout from our friends at Pro-Ride Snowboard Camps, everything be can done with some simple dumbbells.

Snowboard Strength Training Workout

What about Cardio / Fitness?

If you want to do cardio to improve your fitness, I recommend stationary biking. Running is not good for your knees and can lead to problems later on, especially if you already have bad knees.

Start out with something simple like 15 minutes at 70 rpm on the bike and see how you go. If you want to add more intensity to your workout you can add intervals to your riding.

Interval example:

Intervals involve riding as hard as you can for a short period of time, resting at an easier pace, then repeating. So you could try something like 25 seconds of hard riding followed by 15 seconds slow riding and repeating throughout your 15 min ride.

As you get stronger you can decrease your rest time and increase the length of your cardio workout.

That’s it! Good luck and take it one step at a time so you don’t burn out 😉

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