Electric EG2 Goggles Review

Electric EG2 Goggles

The Electric EG2 Goggles have become one of the most popular goggles on the slope with it’s large frame and huge lens design. I’ve had these goggles for 3 seasons now, so lets take a closer look at the EG2s and see how they perform.


These goggles retail at about $140 US, but you can usually find them on sale for about $100 US if you’re willing to shop around.


  • Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane Frame
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Oversized Dual Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
  • Super Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
  • Super A/R Coating Anti-Reflective Technology
  • Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam
  • 43mm Strap with Adjuster
  • Helmet Compatible Frame

Features in plain english:

  • They protect your eyes from UV Sun Damage
  • The lens isn’t made from cheap reflective coating and it won’t peel off easily
  • They have a large curved rounded lens
  • The frame works well with helmets


The first thing you’ll notice when looking at these goggles is how big the lens is. It’s HUGE! The only goggles sporting a bigger lens is the new Von Zipper Fishbowl goggles, which are due to be released next season.

The design is simple and clean and I love the look of the large lens. You’ll find these goggles in a variety of colors, as well as many different limited edition designs each year.

Helmet Compatibility:

Thanks to the large frame design and slight curve at the top of the goggle frame, this goggle works great with nearly every helmet.

Sandbox Helmet In Use


They’re a really comfortable goggle that’s made for a medium to large sized face. The frame and nose area are definitely not designed for a small face. In particular, the foam padding of the nose bridge area will not fit smaller noses.

Make sure you give the EG2s a try in a shop to make sure they fit your face before buying them. You don’t want your goggles fogging because your face is too small.


Goggle Frame

It’s your standard flexible plastic frame. I’ve found the frame to be about the same durability as other higher end goggles such as Oakley or Anon.


Once again, their lenses seem to be about the same quality as the higher end Oakley lenses on my previous goggles.

Lens Quality

I love their lenses! I’ve tested 3 lenses on my EG2s:

All Rounder Goggle Lens

Light-Yellow Chrome Lens

By far the best lens I’ve ever used. It’s an amazing lens in overcast, snowy conditions and the mirrored coating plus yellow tint works decently on sunny days as well.

If I only had one lens for the rest of my life, I’d want this light-yellow chrome lens.

Sunny Day Goggle Lens

Bronze Silver/Chrome Lens

This is your basic all round orange lens with a slight mirror coating. They do the job and I haven’t noticed any real difference between this lens and similar tinting from Oakley and Smith.

Clear Goggle Lens

Clear Lens

Standard clear lens, nothing new here. Performs like every other clear lens for night riding.

Field of View – How Well Can You See?

Thanks to the huge lens, you definitely notice less frame around your vision while wearing these goggles. I can barely see any frame when wearing the goggles, apart from the section that goes over my nose.

It’s not something that will be life changing, but it is nice to have more peripheral vision compared to other smaller goggles.

Final Thoughts

The large lens works as promised and you do get the main benefit of wearing these goggles, which is improve peripheral vision. I’m very interested in seeing how these will compare when Von Zipper releases their ‘Fishbowl’ goggles next season.

Overall, I really love these goggles, but I also highly recommend that you try them on before buying, because they may cause fogging on smaller faces that don’t fit the large frame.

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  1. do you think black iridium lens is similar Bronze Silver/Chrome Lens?

  2. How about dark grey im between o2 with dark grey and canopy with black iridium?which one u reccomend?

    • I believe the Canopy comes with a spare lens doesn’t it? It usually comes with a persimmon lens or something like that which works as your all-weather lens.

      Anyhow, those are two very different goggles. The Canopy is the far better goggle because the O2 uses a flat lens instead of curved lens.

  3. Did you try Dragon APX?

    • Haven’t tried the APX, but I do like some of the dragon goggles. They’re solid goggles, although I still prefer Smith, Electric or Oakley when I go for goggles.

  4. Hey Jed,
    Do EG 2 straps have silicone at the back of strap like oakley straps?

  5. Dmitrynik says:

    Hi there Jed,
    Do you know which of the following lens colors does a better job: bronze/gold chrome or bronze/red chrome?
    I know that they have the same VLT but just wondering how does everything looks thru those lenses as far as color and clarity goes.
    Does color of the chrome(gold or red) affect only outside look of the lens?
    Is real color when looking thru lens just plane bronze in both ?

    • A red tinted lens will make your vision look rose/reddish while a bronze/gold chrome will make it look orangey.

      Which one is better depends on the rider and their preference. Some people find that red tint lenses give them better definition in the snow, but again it’s very personal preference on which color tints you prefer.

      Personally I like rose/red tints, but that’s my personal preference.

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