Why The Sochi Olympic Snowboard Slopestyle Course Is Scary

So I’ve been watching all the debate going on about Shaun White dropping out of the slopestyle at Sochi and I notice there’s a lot of confusion about why some athletes are saying the slopestyle course is dangerous and why some are saying it’s fine. People are throwing out random tweets from athletes saying the [...]

When Is The Best Time To Book Flight Tickets For A Snowboard Trip?

Just when is the best time to book flights tickets for a snowboard trip? Well here’s the answer to save you some money on your next ski trip!

Happy Birthday To Me (plus a small request)

It’s my birthday! I have 2 things to ask from you guys as my birthday wish…

The Better Way To Learn Snowboarding

Snomie.com as you know it will be ending. If you want to keep getting our snowboard tips and lessons, you’ll want to read this.

Behind The Scenes – Trying Reader Suggested Sore Throat Remedies

This is what happens when you test out traditional cold remedies in a foreign country. I swear ginger tea isn’t *that* bad.

Can You ‘Sell Out’ In Snowboarding?

Here’s why some companies are selling out the right way and some are doing things wrong.

What Happens When Misinformed Snowboarders Meet The Internet

This hurt my brain a little. Ps – this is who is giving you snowboard advice on the internet… be warned.

Nike’s ‘Never Not’ Part 2 – 48 min Free Snowboard Movie

Who doesn’t love a well produced, kickbutt and free full-length snowboard movie? Here’s Nike’s ‘Never Not’ Part 2, released on YouTube at last!

Burton’s Free Full Length Snowboard Movie (Part 3 – Women)

Hooray, part 3 of Burton’s free full length snowboard movie has arrived. Here it is!

Quickie Update On Upcoming Snowboard Trick Tips & Training

Yep, we’re under a week away from re-opening our library of snowboard trick tip tutorial videos. Here are some details and FAQs answered.